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Sealevel: Proudly Celebrating 30 Years in Pickens County

Technology has changed a lot in 30 years. If you were a kid back in 1986, you might have found yourself writing to Santa Claus for the hottest new console, the Sega Master System. Those who were a little older back then might have been asking Santa for one of the brand new Compaq 386s, […]

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Embracing Innovation Since 1986

You are headed out of town on vacation. As you leave, stop by the gas station and walk in to pay with cash before pumping. Don’t forget to grab film for the camera, a new roadmap, and a few VHS tapes for the kids to enjoy once you reach your destination. You’ve got the bag […]

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Tom's Trivia
Tom's Trivia

CBS broadcast the New York Philharmonic live over the radio for the first time on October 5, 1930. What composition served as the opening set?

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