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Get Smart about Smartwatches: Comparing the Top Brands

Although relatively new in tech innovation and development, you’ve likely at least heard about smartwatches, with 2014 marking the introduction of a number of products. Even though they’ve been around in some form since 1972’s Pulsar, four decades later we’re talking about wearable computers that connect via Bluetooth to other technology. The top players, Android and […]

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Sci-Fi Technology is Today’s Reality

Technology once thought to be ultra-futuristic now makes the front page of technology news sites almost daily. We have holograms, hoverboards and wearable tech. And some things, like Star Trek’s original communicators (once thought very futuristic), have become outdated tech to us now in the form of “old school” flip phones. Let’s take a look […]

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Tom's Trivia
The American Pledge of Allegiance, written in 1892, has long been recited in US public schools. What year was it officially recited in the US House of Representatives? Bonus – what year was it officially recited in the US Senate?

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