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IoT, IIoT, Industry 4.0: What’s the difference and does it matter?

Internet of Things. Industrial Internet of Things. Industry 4.0. While related, these terms are not interchangeable. Each entity has a different set of stakeholders, goals and implications. Let’s start with IoT. There is some speculation about the first use of Internet of Things (IoT) as the term to describe the interworking of devices but most […]

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Google Fiber: What Ultra-High Speed Internet Means for Public Safety

Although Google Fiber is available in a limited number of locations, it already looks like the future of the Internet in the United States. A recent review of the fastest ISPs by PC Magazine said that “not one single ISP holds even a flickering candle to Google Fiber,” which offers speeds of over 1Gb per […]

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Tom's Trivia

PCI Express (PCIe) is the preferred method for PC expansion, outpacing PCI and AGP. Name three server expansions buses that predate PCI.

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