A CEO with Paint on His Hands

Understanding your customer is a big part of any business. It takes paying attention to detail and really putting yourself in your customer’s shoes. One of the things we’ve learned from our customers over the years is that off-the-shelf products sometimes aren’t the best solution for certain applications. As a result, customization is a key part of our success and is driven from the highest level of our company.

In fact, expertise in custom designs is one of CEO Tom O’Hanlan’s “5 Promises to Sealevel Customers“. Tom is passionate about product design and innovation and in his spare time you may find him rebuilding an amplifier so he can jam out while he builds furniture in his wood shop. His latest project involved two of our newest industrial computers, the Relio R2 and the Relio R3. These products offer solid-state operation and are suitable for the harshest environments including military applications. In February, we will be exhibiting at a military trade show, AFCEA West, and Tom wanted a way to make the Relio computers stand out. Using a few cans of spray paint, stencils, and his novice paint skills Tom painted an R2 and R3 with a camouflage pattern and created a pretty cool work of art. First, Tom would put down a base layer of paint on the computer. Once the first layer of paint dried he then applied positive and negative stencils followed by the second layer of paint. Without removing the first set of stencils he then placed a second group of stencils across the frame of the computer. Then more paint and so on. So as you can imagine it is a fairly difficult process. “Because of the way you have to apply the different stencils, you have no idea what the finished product will look like. Removing all of the stencils and seeing the end product is an exciting moment!” said Tom.DSC_3303-Edit-500x273

When you have a project and off-the-shelf products don’t seem to meet your requirements, talk to us about our Custom Solutions capabilities. We understand tuning products to specific applications and vertical markets and we take pride in working with our customers to make that happen. Whether you need a custom I/O module, or a custom branded industrial computer with your company’s logo and color scheme, we can make it happen. In fact, our CEO may paint it himself!

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