All I Wanted for Christmas

The fun and success of last year’s 12 days of #Techmas blog series had us all scratching our heads, what kind of cool gadgets would we find under this year’s tree? Some Sealevel folks weighed in on the best gifts they received this holiday season.  What we learned is that it’s not all technical around here, it’s the thought that counts.

Tom O’Hanlan

The cubelet blocks from Modrobotics. These little blocks snap together and let you create little machines without programming. They are also an excellent teaching tool. I particularly like that they make explaining inputs and outputs very easy. Anyone can relate to sensing distance or controlling the speed of a motor.

These blocks sort of “personalize” the I/O products that we make here at Sealevel. My grandson and I had a great time creating new machines. I plan to introduce our local school STEM teachers to the cubelets, and I am looking forward to getting the Bluetooth module up and running. Then we can program more complex functions.

Wallace Krebs

The best gift I received this year was spending time with family. That is the most priceless gift of all. Sure, I received Star Wars, clothing and chocolate, but none of that compares to family time.

Paul Muschick

The Estes Proto-X SLT. I really enjoy the ability to enjoy it anywhere and the obvious demonstration of where a microcontroller shines (anything running a full OS wouldn’t be able to respond fast enough to keep a quadcopter level).

Although, I’m more excited about a new open-source quadcopter from Bitcraze called the Crazyflie 2.0. It runs as an open platform that allows you to write code to run on it while it flying, controlling the flight, taking measurements using the extra on-board sensors, or most anything else you can think of. You can control it from your smartphone, as well as from a computer using a USB radio, so you can theoretically write an app that could control the quadcopter’s flight without any human input. As primarily a Windows software guy, I’m looking forward to using to it learn about microcontrollers and hardware.

Ryan Wenglarz

Probably a space heater

Bobby Richardson

Wustoff automatic knife sharpener

Nancy Gilreath

My best gift was the original Clue Game which I can play with my grandchildren. It was and still is our daughter’s favorite board game. As a family we played it on Christmas Eve after opening our presents. Our daughter won as usual!

Adam Nimsinok

GUESS wool blend jacket.

Eric Sikes

Tickets to the Orange Bowl to see Clemson take the next step to winning their second National Championship!

Matt Pace

The Smart Rotary Leather case for my iPad.  I really like the look of the case, as it is soft, sleek and easy to maneuver.

Kelli Norris

The best gift I was given this year was both of my boys being happy and healthy.  I have realized that material things are not important to me, but the happiness of my boys and husband are what matters most.  Happiness is a gift that can’t be topped!

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