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Applications Engineer

Limestone College, BS in Computer Science

Brevard, NC, now resides in Greer, SC

I proudly served in the US Navy as an Electronic Warfare Technician. I served on the USS Ranger CV-61 and the USS Nashville LPD-13. I have been married for 8 years and enjoy amateur photography, traveling, kayaking, hiking and spending time with my family and friends.

Warm but heavily spiced camel brains served on a bed of greens in the Yonibana Village east of Freetown, Sierra Leone. It was weird because the texture was like chewing on an old dish sponge, the kind that has a scouring pad on one side.
Equally weird was eating balut late one evening in the barrio southwest of Olongapo City. It was a crunchy, feathery, and rather disgusting experience.

I would rather live without TV than music. I watch very little TV but listen to music quite frequently.

In the Navy

Looking back at 1986, there were things going on in my life that I had dismissed and have not thought about in some time until now. I was a year out of high school, living at home and taking general prerequisite courses at Anderson College. I found myself in a spot where I had absolutely no clue or direction with college and a career.

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Sgt. Samuel Davis, Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient

Bryan reflects on a chance encounter with Sgt. Samuel Davis, Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, at the Special Operation Forces Industry Convention (SOFIC).

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Navy Stories: USS Ranger CV-61

After boot camp and initial Electronic Warfare Operator schooling, my first fleet command was the Forrestal Class super carrier USS Ranger CV-61 home ported in San Diego, California in 1988. I will never forget thinking how large this ship was when I crossed the Coronado Bay Bridge and saw her for the first time dockside at North Island Naval Complex.

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Harold “Hal” Farley and the F-117

Just a month ago, I supported a customer who needed some assistance troubleshooting his marine navigation application on his boat. After discovering we had both served in the Navy, he began to tell me about his experiences. I became more curious of who this customer was as the day went on, and so I googled him. I found articles immediately; I had no idea that I had been talking to an aviation celebrity.

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Navy Stories: Electronic Warfare School

After high school, like many, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do. I was working and attending college trying to figure it all out. At the same time, I was regularly hearing from my brother about California, his overseas adventures, and being a part of the US Navy’s world famous VF-1 Wolfpack squadron (F-14 by Grumman). This was the Navy’s beautiful interceptor/strike fighter that eventually replaced the aging F-4 Phantoms. The Wolfpack squadron was attached to the USS Ranger CV-61 (Aircraft Carrier by Newport News Shipbuilding), home ported in sunny San Diego

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