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Marketing Director

Clemson University, BA in Early Childhood Education

Salisbury, MD

Proud parent of the office Yorkies: the Captain and the Doctor; Board member for The Children’s Museum of the Upstate and the Greenville County Museum of Art; Loves Ryan, Lilly, Beau, Dave Matthews Band, and San Francisco.

Happy Birthday Cappy & Doc!

We just celebrated the 4th birthdays of Cappy and Doc the office Yorkies! The boys are 28 now, quite the party animals. With every birthday, I like to take time to reflect on the decision I made to acquire my crazy little babies.

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Marketing: Relationships and Giving

The goal of my marketing group is not only to promote our products; it’s to reveal to you the personalities and principles of the people who create them. In-house or outsourced, we set the stakes high in our 2010 marketing plan, and we will be successful because of our positive relationships, powerful connections, and spirited giving.

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