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University of Colorado-Boulder, BA in History

Waynesboro, VA

Began working at Sealevel in middle school; after graduating from CU spent 2 years at a large, publicly traded software company before returning to Sealevel. Married since 2001 with 2 children and when not spending time with family, also enjoys playing golf, basketball and upland game hunting; currently serve as chair of the board of trustees at St. Matthew UMC and also on the board of the Family Effect (

IoT Adoption: Where Are We Now?

We’ve heard a lot of promises over the last decade about how Internet of Things (IoT) is going to change the world,especially in manufacturing, but what is the actual state of play right now? Is IoT taking off, or is it just another tech fad? Two studies published at the end of 2017 show us exactly where […]

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Why the Cloud is Essential for IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing everything. For example, manufacturing is about to receive a huge boost in efficiency thanks to the rise of smart factories with millions of sensors and controllers that offer crucial real-time performance data. If you’re thinking that having millions of independent smart devices sounds like a major logistics challenge […]

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The Race for a Universal IoT Security Standard

On October 21, 2016, the DNS provider Dyn experienced the biggest distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack in history. Although it was short lived, it caused an outage to many of the sites and services dependant on Dyn, including Twitter, Netflix and Reddit. This DDoS was caused by a virus running on insecure devices, with […]

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Military Concerns Regarding the Internet of Things

The U.S. military has long been at the forefront of innovation, and their research efforts have led to many consumer goods that we now take for granted, such as microwave ovens, duct tape, GPS devices and even the internet itself. However, there is one area in which the U.S. military is conspicuously behind the civilian […]

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Google Fiber: What Ultra-High Speed Internet Means for Public Safety

Although Google Fiber is available in a limited number of locations, it already looks like the future of the Internet in the United States. A recent review of the fastest ISPs by PC Magazine said that “not one single ISP holds even a flickering candle to Google Fiber,” which offers speeds of over 1Gb per […]

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We Interrupt Your Business to Bring You: Disruptive Technology

Once upon a time, if you didn’t have a car and needed to get from a restaurant to your hotel, you hailed a taxi. Now, you might just as easily – perhaps more easily – use Uber. Whereas in the past you might have used a travel agent in your hometown to book a vacation, […]

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The Family Effect: A Mission to Save Children in the Upstate

Sealevel is committed to improving the Upstate community, especially when it comes to children. As our future leaders and innovators, it is important to do everything we can to provide them with the opportunities that will drive their success. The welfare of vulnerable children is an important priority for us, and that’s why we’re excited […]

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Is Gigabyte-Capable WiFi Coming Soon to a Factory Near You?

WiFi continues to advance with the arrival of 802.11ac, the latest update to the standard designed to give mobile device users faster data throughput speeds. The update could more than double network data throughput speeds. The downside? A tradeoff in how far signals carry and the number of channels available for use. These tradeoffs suggest […]

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Sealevel Announces In-House Circuit Assembly and Facility Expansion

Today we unveiled our new circuit assembly line and expanded manufacturing facility as part of an economic development announcement with the Pickens County Council and Alliance Pickens. Read on to find out more about our expanded capabilities.

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Childhood Memories

In 1986 I was 10 years old and already working for Sealevel. My mom or dad would pick me up from school on Fridays and carry me over to our first office in Easley, SC. I did anything a 10-year-old could do to help the company, including making boxes and cleaning up. Usually they would take us to a go-kart park and video arcade after work on Friday nights, where I would spend all of my hard-earned money.

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