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University of Colorado-Boulder, BA in History

Waynesboro, VA

Began working at Sealevel in middle school; after graduating from CU spent 2 years at a large, publicly traded software company before returning to Sealevel. Married since 2001 with 2 children and when not spending time with family, also enjoys playing golf, basketball and upland game hunting; currently serve as chair of the board of trustees at St. Matthew UMC and also on the board of the Family Effect (

The Disaster in Japan and Sealevel’s Supply Chain

Sealevel extends our deepest sympathies to those affected by the tsunami and earthquakes on March 11, 2011. Although the impact of the disaster cannot be yet be determined on the global electronics market, we are closely working with our suppliers to determine potential disruptions to our supply chain. As conditions in Japan are continually changing, we will continue to monitor the situation and keep you apprised of any changes.

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Some Things Are More Important Than a Buck

I believe South Carolina’s own Aaron Tippin wrote a country tune about an Alexander Hamilton quote, “those who stand for nothing will fall for anything.” In this age of political correctness, I commend our friends at Google for looking past the dollar signs and taking a strong position against the machine of China.

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Repackaging Existing IP

Folks know Sealevel is a serial and digital I/O company at our core. Some folks know that at Sealevel we go to great lengths to modify, customize, or otherwise create a product to meet a customer’s exact specifications. Our growth has been steady thanks to all of you, but we have failed at times to repackage, and thus leverage, existing IP.

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Lessons in Business and Parenting

Once I heard someone say that the thing that makes parenting both extremely difficult and extremely interesting is that you get the test first and then the lesson. I have found this to be true with my two children, ages 6 and 4. Only after you’ve reflected on a situation do you realize what the lesson was and how you could (or should) have handled it better. Luckily, the kids love you through all of the learning and much more patient and forgiving than we adults.

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