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Accounts Payable

Tabernacle High School; President of the Easley Chapter of the National Secretaries Association; Board of Directors for American Cancer Society; Worked at Pace Labels, Inc. from 1976-2005

Easley, SC

One of the most rewarding things I’ve done was to visit Arizona and my friend’s sister, a missionary. We saw the Grand Canyon and went to the Indian reservations to meet the children who are part of their ministry. I also met Gus Antone, a world-renowned artist whose work is in the Smithsonian and hanging over my desk at Sealevel.

Fry bread – it is a staple on the Indian reservation we visited in Arizona.

WOULD YOU RATHER BE INVISIBLE OR BE ABLE TO READ MINDS?I would love to be invisible. You’ve heard of the “fly on the wall”. I think it would be fascinating to be a fly on the wall and know a lot of things that are said and done that people thinks no one knows about.

Celebrity Series: Flipping Your Wig for Conway Twitty

I remember the day my sister flipped her wig for Conway Twitty. We had left church early for a concert in Asheville, NC. We just knew when our dad found out we left church early, he was going to kill us. When you are a preacher’s kid, it doesn’t take long to learn it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission.

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