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Marketing Director

Clemson University, BA in Early Childhood Education

Salisbury, MD

Proud parent of the office Yorkies: the Captain and the Doctor; Board member for The Children’s Museum of the Upstate and the Greenville County Museum of Art; Loves Ryan, Lilly, Beau, Dave Matthews Band, and San Francisco.

From Lead Elf to Santa Re: The Need for an Intelligent Supply Chain

Dear Santa, As another busy, festive period draws to a close, it behooves us to look at our manufacturing processes and admit that things are just not working as well as they should. We need to make some significant changes or risk being unable to deliver another Christmas to children around the world. It is […]

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@Sealevel: Thankful Thursday: Family Promise and United Christian Ministries

While our products may be used across the nation and world (even outer space), we humbly acknowledge the importance of our local framework. We hope to express our deep appreciation through a “month of giving” to Liberty, Pickens and Greenville area organizations. This month, we are sponsoring five organizations particularly in need for the fall/winter […]

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@Sealevel: Month of Giving

People who know Sealevel know our brand for quality: we proudly manufacture our products here in the USA and provide lifetime warranties along with thorough support. However, just as important to us, we hope people know our name for lifetime philanthropy and care for our community. While our primary focus as a company has been […]

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Getting Smart: Artificial Intelligence and Its Tools

Discussion surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) has grown immensely since 2015. Tech billionaires exchange differing opinions about its safety on Twitter. Research and development has reached new heights at IBM and Google. Even media portrays AI on a personal level, and corporations see it as an immensely helpful tool, especially in IIoT applications. For all its […]

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Goodbye Gridlock: How Technology is Making Traffic Signals Obsolete

Next time you’re stuck at a red light for what feels like an eternity, console yourself with this thought: the era of traffic signals is coming to an end. Smart cars and connected cities offer a whole new way of managing traffic, meaning that soon you’ll be able to sail through every intersection without worrying […]

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Saving Energy – Saving Money

We all want to be more energy efficient, whether it’s because we want to help fight climate change or mitigate dependency on foreign oil, or simply because we want to reduce our own energy bills. Becoming more efficient can be a challenge, however. There are competing standards and technologies, and it can be hard to […]

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Will Technology Save America’s Railways?

Railway usage in the U.S. is very different from what it is in other developed nations. Here in America, the highest proportion of railroad usage is freight trains — around 43 percent of all rail traffic — and we also have one of the lowest rates of commuter travel. American railroads account for 10.5 billion […]

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How the Internet of Things will Revolutionize Seniors’ Lifestyles

How do you imagine life after retirement? Whether you’re planning to cruise around the world, take up a new hobby, or spend time with your grandkids, you almost certainly want to be as active as possible, while continuing to live in your own home. Or, if you have aging parents, this topic is probably on […]

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Cloudy, With a Chance of Innovation: Cloud Computing Services and How We Use Them

Do you use any of the following? ● DropBox ● Spotify ● Netflix ● Adobe Creative Cloud ● Hulu ● YouTube ● Facebook (or any other social media) ● Any Google service: Gmail, Drive, etc If you answered “Yes,” then you are one of, well, almost everyone who uses the cloud every day. And this […]

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All I Wanted for Christmas

The fun and success of last year’s 12 days of #Techmas blog series had us all scratching our heads, what kind of cool gadgets would we find under this year’s tree? Some Sealevel folks weighed in on the best gifts they received this holiday season.  What we learned is that it’s not all technical around […]

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