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Director of Research & Development

Virginia Tech, BS in Electrical Engineering

Newport News, VA

Proud grandfather and robot enthusiast. Loves camping and hiking.

Smart Cities Use Low-Power Networks to Flourish

Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), at the core, are communications technologies. Data is transmitted between objects, and devices communicate with users using cloud services. Thus far, IoT and IIoT applications have relied heavily on cellular 3G/4G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for their networks. As with all tech, limitations to those methods […]

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Engineer for a Day: Defining IoT Products

Engineer for a Day is a new feature for you to provide feedback and suggestions for products that are currently in development at Sealevel. Please provide input for our engineering team by commenting. We are actively preparing for the launch of our first true IoT hardware and software solutions. As we review current offerings in […]

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Engineer for a Day: Wireless Modbus Gateway

Engineer for a Day is a new feature for you to provide feedback and suggestions for products that are currently in development at Sealevel. Please provide input for our engineering team by commenting. Wireless Modbus Gateway The Basics: The Wireless Modbus Gateway will provide wireless Ethernet Modbus TCP to RS-485 communication to SeaI/O modules. A […]

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One Step Closer to Star Trek Reality

Though my wife and Noam Chomsky would disagree, I can’t help but be impressed by IBM’s Watson winning against two expert Jeopardy! players. I think this historical event marks the next step in mankind’s march toward the realization of Star Trek tech. We have achieved the Star Trek communicator, and now we are one step closer to having the Star Trek computer.

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Sealevel’s Custom Solutions for Your Toughest Problems

Though we are a product company, Sealevel has adapted in such a way as to be able to meet the needs of a customer for a product that is more specialized than what we are currently offering while continuing to advance our standard product offerings. To achieve this we borrow techniques of reuse from software development methodologies and apply them to the development of hardware solutions. We have designed many of our products with customer specific specialization in mind.

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Why I Became an Engineer

I was born and raised in a single parent home on the southwestern end of the Virginia Peninsula a few miles from the NASA Langley Research Center. Because of the proximity to NASA and the era in which I was born, my boyhood heroes were astronauts. As a child of the 60’s, I intently followed the race to the moon. For me, it was science fiction and fantasy coming alive.

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Ford and Microsoft Team Up for Sync

I never thought that software would make me want to purchase a car until I read about Ford’s recent announcement of new Sync technology that it is adding to its new line of vehicles. With this new technology, Pandora users will be able seamlessly move from listening to music on their mobile device walking to the car, then switch to listening to the same music in the car through the car’s sound system without missing a beat. Now, this is giving the people what they want!

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Attentive User Interfaces – Part 2

People are tweeting and sending Facebook status updates from their mobile devices so their followers don’t miss a moment of their lives. For me, I think the interface is just too limited. You have to stop what you are doing to peck your trivial text into your mobile device before upload. I’ve been thinking of how this process can be made more user-friendly.

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Coming Soon: Attentive User Interfaces

“Wouldn’t it be cool if I could take a picture of a street scene and instantly be able to identify what I was looking at? Something like what the Bing search does on its home page.” The page displays an image that is tagged and hyperlinked to information about elements of the image. Now imagine that you could take a picture with your mobile camera, and those buildings in the picture would be automatically tagged using image recognition and actual GPS coordinates of the buildings. The picture would be placed in the context of my location and hyperlinked to information about the objects in the photo. You would have an automated tour guide.

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Robots as a Teaching Tool

I don’t know a kid that doesn’t get excited about robots, so it only makes sense to use them as a tool to teach. The multi-disciplinary nature of robotics makes them a perfect vehicle to teach elements of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and computer science.

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