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@Sealevel: Meet Wallace and Learn to Love 3D Printing

“That’s amazing!” (or some variation) are usually the first words people say when I show them a 3D printed object. That I created. On my home 3D printer. Hi, I’m Wallace and I work in the marketing department at Sealevel. I’m responsible for the website and most of the product photography you see on the […]

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High-Speed Internet Service for All?

You might know him as the CEO and CTO of his spacecraft company SpaceX, an organization with lofty goals like establishing greenhouses on Mars. Maybe instead you know him as the CEO of Tesla Motors, known for their electric vehicles like the Model S P85D sedan, which recently received the highest safety rating of any […]

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Get Smart about Smartwatches: Comparing the Top Brands

Although relatively new in tech innovation and development, you’ve likely at least heard about smartwatches, with 2014 marking the introduction of a number of products. Even though they’ve been around in some form since 1972’s Pulsar, four decades later we’re talking about wearable computers that connect via Bluetooth to other technology. The top players, Android and […]

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Q&A with Siri

What’s my favorite app? If you had asked me prior to October 14 of this year, I would have probably responded with one of the dozens of photography-related apps that I use on a regular basis. However, October 14 was the day I got my new iPhone 4S, and with it came iOS 5 and Siri. In the days that followed, Siri became my favorite app.

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Experiencing Dragon*Con for the First Time

I recently returned from a trip to Dragon*Con, which is held annually in Atlanta, Georgia. This year marked the 25th anniversary of Dragon*Con, but it was my first trip. After spending the weekend amongst an estimated fifty-thousand attendees, it is definitely a sight to behold.

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Website Usability and Burnt Toast

Now that the new Sealevel website has been live for over a month, I can reflect on one of my primary objectives – making sure the site offers exceptional customer usability. When we set out to redesign the site, I personally wanted to make sure we avoided the “me” mentality. In other words, I wanted to make sure the site was designed around how you, our customers, expected the site to work and not how we expected the site to operate, especially users coming to the site for the first time. We see this stuff every day.

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