Drowning in Email? A Sealevel Engineer Tries Xobni for Outlook

As an engineer I deal with a great deal of technical communication, generally via email. Outlook is my hub for daily activity and GTD task management, as well as collaboration with team members, interactions with customers, technical exchanges with vendors, and contact management.

xobniWith so much information stored in Outlook, it can sometimes be challenging to find just the email or attachment you need. This is where Xobni can help. Xobni (“inbox” spelled backwards – clever!) is a free Outlook plug-in to search people, email, and attachments instantly. People search not only includes your Outlook contacts, but also includes information found in email signatures, message bodies, and related contact information found from social media sites (including LinkedIn, Facebook, Hoovers, Skype, and Yahoo.) A Xobni search for a person displays not only contact information, but also the email and attachment history. I am especially fond of the historical attachment searching – something I was unable to achieve with the built-in Outlook search.

Beyond the free Xobni Basic, other versions are offered for a fee. Xobni Plus adds the capability to perform advanced searching, as well as support for multiple PST files, and to display calendar events and shared links in search results. After a quick dip with the Xobni Plus free trial, I took the plunge and upgraded, primarily for multiple PST support. Additional products include Xobni Moble for Blackberry users, as well as Xobni Enterprise for corporate-wide deployment. I have found Xobni search increases my productivity by helping me find data much faster than Outlook search alone.

Tried Xobni?  Have a tip for keeping afloat in email?  Please share in the comments.

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  1. Posted May 6, 2010 at 8:56 pm | Permalink

    greetings from a manufacturer specializing in cPCI solution such as cPCI connector, 2mm HM, cPCI enclosures etc.

    this sounds really good and will have a try~~

    always satisfied by those convenient little assistant 😉

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