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Have you ever wondered what Sealevel’s regular holidays are, or which relays are best suited to switch inductive loads? Sealevel provides answers to these and many other questions at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) area in the Support section of our website.

Our FAQ support site is intended to assist our customers with answers to our most commonly asked questions. By checking out the summary numbers at Support > FAQs, you can see that there are quite a lot of questions asked.

One of the greatest features of the site is our Search Support field. This appears on every page in our Support website, and it finds the FAQ that you are looking for by any word in the question or answer. As with most searches, more specific or unusual search words will yield more relevant results, and more general search words will yield broader results. When you use either the Support Search or Product Search on our site, it’s really nice to be able to wait a few seconds after putting in your search terms for the search engine to show you the first few results that it found. This should let you see if the search is on track while you are still typing in the search box.

I enjoy playing a part in getting the FAQs posted. Since I work in Technical Support, every few weeks, I vet new calls and emails for new questions, questions that are becoming more common and questions that can be combined into a single FAQ. I add these questions to my possible FAQs list. These questions and possible answers are written up, and then they are reviewed by Engineering and others. Once a month, a small group meets, we review these questions, and we agree on which FAQs bear sufficient merit for posting. Some of these are still too rough to be posted in the time allotted and need more work. Those are added to a “FAQs for review” list. The ones that are ready are re-written for cohesiveness, message, general usability, and length. When this process is done, the questions are posted.

It has been a lot of fun adding FAQs to our site. We get a chance to review our recent calls and emails, and we try to get a sense of what our support customers are looking for. We try to answer the question: “What are the common threads within the requests that we receive?” Our hope is that the results are useful to you.

Have a question not found in our FAQs? You can email us at with any questions about Sealevel products.

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