Greg Harrison Named One of the Best to Follow on Twitter

Greg HarrisonHis Twitter account isn’t just business related – ask him about ferret beads.

Congratulations to Sealevel senior hardware engineer Greg Harrison on being named one of the ten electrical engineers to follow on Twitter by EE Times magazine. Greg will be travelling to the Design West show on April 22 as a guest of EE Times/EDN magazines. While in San Jose, he will to talk with others about using social media in business.

Greg’s Twitter account originated as a personal account, but over time, he began to see the value of using social media to connect with coworkers and others in the industry. These days, he uses Twitter to track industry trends and product announcements. He notes that Twitter is a great means to get fast access to vendors when solving technical issues.

One of the biggest benefits to using social media is the varied experience. You have the opportunity to chat with young engineers who are just starting out as well as experienced top management who offer valuable insight. Greg sees social media as a chance to give and receive help from his peers around the world. His social media philosophy is simple: Follow well, interact much.

You can follow Greg at @GregHarrisonEE on Twitter.

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