Mother’s Day: A Privilege, Responsibility and Joy

I look forward to celebrating Mother’s Day. The holiday was established in 1914 in the U. S., so I guess that makes it the 97th year in history. For me, it’s Mother’s Day #21.

Mothering is my greatest privilege, responsibility and joy. I have two wonderful sons, ages 21 and 17. I continue to enjoy watching them go through life, growing, learning, understanding, developing. What will they be like as adults?

I learned about being a mom from my own mom. My mom was a single mom before there was a phrase to describe it. When she later remarried, she had a different last name than mine before there was a place for that on every form. She worked so hard, taught us good values, and loved her children. Her lessons were by examples, no flowery words and compliments.

In 1990, my mom died on Thursday, after we had celebrated Mother’s Day on Sunday. She had ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) and taught us many more lessons through that ordeal. Her children loved and cared for her as she had for us throughout our lives. Each year, when Mother’s Day comes around, I am thankful…..thankful for my boys and for my mom.

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