Repackaging Existing IP

Dressed in his trademark black turtleneck and blue jeans, Steve Jobs introduced Apple’s next great gadget today – the iPad. While I’m sure it will create a buzz and fly off the shelf, it appears to be an oversized iPhone. I don’t mean that comment critically – I’m on my second iPhone, my wife has one, and both my children have iPod touches. What Apple has done with the iPad is repackage existing IP. It is a great move because of the low barriers to entry, which reduces the unit price and minimizes risk if the product is less than successful.

Folks know Sealevel is a serial and digital I/O company at our core. Some folks know that at Sealevel we go to great lengths to modify, customize, or otherwise create a product to meet a customer’s exact specifications. Our growth has been steady thanks to all of you, but we have failed at times to repackage, and thus leverage, existing IP.

For example, did you know that Sealevel has supported a MIL-1553 product for over 5 years now? Did you know that we’ve developed two CAN-Bus products in the last 18 months? You’d also be amazed to learn of the FPGA capabilities we’ve developed over the last 3 years.

Whether it is a curse or a blessing, our first-class team of engineers wraps up one project and moves straight on to the next, due to both customer and market demands. As we start a new year, I challenge both Engineering and Marketing to find inspiration from Apple and work to repackage our existing world-class IP. Our customers will be pleasantly surprised to discover how Sealevel can help provide solutions for their applications – solutions that you might not have expected from a serial and digital I/O company.

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