Marketing: Relationships and Giving

Today’s marketing plans include simple marketing strategies: maintain a world class website; create unheard of graphics and copy;  write a marketing plan that accounts for every single event that you can discuss on your social media accounts.  Simple, right?  Even though I find it noteworthy that we have sophisticated in-house marketing abilities for an I/O company—you are probably more interested in our partnerships.

At Sealevel, we’ve been hard at work with the creation of a new website.  We hired Blue Ion as our web development firm. But being the technical gurus/perfectionists that we are, we weren’t content with acting as the customer; we were collaborators.  Nine months later, we are launching a world class website that Blue Ion and Sealevel can be extremely proud of with plans for further advancements already in the queue.

Accustomed to being so efficient and proficient, we tend to partner up with marketing superheroes to enhance our efforts. Take Tim Wells of Dark Corner Creative as another example of a friend of Sealevel and a “guy trying to create effective and meaningful design”.  Tim’s graphical art and clever copy has graced our product labels, catalog covers, and/or print ads for over a decade.

More significant than any other collaboration is our commitment to non-profit organizations. Community gifting and partnerships are among the biggest components of our marketing plan. Our active participation makes our social media messages organic.  We have some things to talk about.  Whether we are landscaping A Child’s Haven on a sunny April day or hosting a music and culinary arts festival, Sealevel partners with groups who are working to improve lives and inspire others on a daily basis.

The goal of my marketing group is not only to promote our products; it’s to reveal to you the personalities and principles of the people who create them.  In-house or outsourced, we set the stakes high in our 2010 marketing plan, and we will be successful because of our positive relationships, powerful connections, and spirited giving.

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