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2013 Liberty High School Career FairWe had the pleasure of participating in Liberty High School’s annual career fair again this year. It was great to see so many familiar faces from last year’s fair. It was even better to hear some of the students with an interest in engineering talking about their plans for college and the military.

Each class has thirty minutes to visit the companies, colleges and non-profits at the fair and ask a series of questions. Considering the career fairs of my high school days, this is a much better way to get the students to interact with the representatives. Those interested in working for a local company were looking for answers to the questions below.

What types of opportunities are typically available for high school and/or college graduates?
At Sealevel, we encourage all of our employees to continue learning. Most of our jobs require some level of post-high school training or education. That’s not to say we wouldn’t consider a recent high school graduate, but it would be difficult to come in without some type of technical or professional background.

As for college graduates, Sealevel has a diverse group of people with degrees ranging from engineering and computer science to English and education. Everyone has different perspectives and brings something new to the group.

Are there specific requirements you look for in prospective employees?
Each job at Sealevel comes with its own set of skills and requirements, but there are a few things that we always look for in potential employees.

  • Reliability and dependability – Will you show up on time every day? Can you follow processes and maintain Sealevel’s quality goals without supervision? Reliability and dependability mean many things, but these are two of the most important qualities any employee can have.
  • Teamwork – Most projects at Sealevel require cross-functional cooperation. Engineering develops the products. Production manufactures Engineering’s designs. Marketing creates user manuals and advertisement to tell people about the products. Sales works with our customers to decide which products best fit their needs. We all have a role in the overall project, and that requires working with many personality types.  Valuable team members are the key to success around here.
  • Creative – It may sound strange to a high school student to hear that a technology company looks for creative types, but we do. Engineers are artists in their own right. They may not paint portraits or sculpt masterpieces, but if you look closely at a circuit board, it’s pretty amazing. Being able to think beyond what’s “normal” is a good thing. Creative thinking helps us figure out the best solutions to our customers’ challenges.

Can you suggest anything I can do to improve my chances of employment with your company?
Keep learning. Working for a tech company requires you to know about the latest and greatest technologies and applications. Even beyond the engineering side of Sealevel, we are all continuing to learn new things every day. Sometimes it’s in a professional development setting, sometimes it’s from reading a magazine article. There’s no right or wrong way to learn. Around here, we all bring something new to the table and learn from each other.

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