Supplier Relationships Make Sealevel Stronger

Before I became involved with purchasing at Sealevel, I worked in customer service for 16 years. My expectations come from the high level of support that Sealevel provides to each customer. No difference is made between the small, one-man shop and the billion dollar organization. I was taught early on by the owners that all customers are important and deserve good service before, during and after the sale. These same principles of business can be applied to our supplier relationships.

When you’re working with a supplier, you soon find out who is as good as their word. Granted, the unexpected and avoidable can (and will) happen, but how your supplier handles these occurrences speaks volumes about their commitment and your relationship.

Sometimes we forget how important suppliers are when it comes to meeting our customers’ demands. One missed shipment or delayed delivery from a supplier can cause a chain reaction in our production and shipping schedules. When the unexpected and avoidable happens, you expect your supplier to communicate the reason for the delay and the new committed dock date. But this communication is often a reflection of your relationship with the supplier.

Suppliers aren’t just nameless companies – they are people. In fact, when I think of a supplier, I don’t think of the company name. I think of my contact within that company. If you have a good relationship, you are more likely to get what you need more quickly. If you have an unresponsive supplier, you may be in big trouble. Luckily, Sealevel has developed a network on suppliers who are true to their word and who help us get our products to you faster.

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