Technology for 2016

The start of a happy New Year and CES 2016 inspire many to publish their predictions for the top technology trends. There is a flood of articles posted the first week of 2016 related to consumer electronics and we couldn’t help to respond!  At Sealevel, we are also interested in how manufacturing technologies will evolve by the end of this year; how 3D printing, data driven triggers, and cyber security will impact our business; and what trends we can adopt to improve our customer’s experience.

Antonio Martin

I think that all things IoT will continue to grow for the next several years with everything having a cloud based component.

Jeff Baldwin

I am interested to see self-driving cars continue their migration to mainstream.

Josiah Rickerd

I predict that mobile apps will become less important and less used with the improvement of website standards and technology.

Greg Harrison

A self-campaigning AI crowdfunding site will rise up and reboot T.J. Hooker.

Ryan Wenglarz

Windows 10 will continue to sell much better than Windows 8.1/8.0 did when comparing total sales by X number of months after the initial release.

Bobby Richardson

Hybrid self-driving cars for retail sale is not far into the future.

Nancy Gilreath

3D printing which will be improved with better applications and will be more widely used in 2016.

Wallace Krebs

My prediction for 2016 is that AI will start to invade more aspects of our lives and it won’t look like something out of sci-fi. Everything from self-driving cars to Nest thermostats to virtual assistants (like Siri or Cortana) use AI technologies. Those devices will only get smarter in the coming year and I predict a few devices will get introduced that we haven’t even thought we needed, yet.

Paul Muschick

IoT Platforms.

Van Miller

Someone will develop an app that will let me connect all my blue tooth audio speakers to one device. (Phone/Computer)

Eric Sikes

The evolution of self-driving vehicles so that they don’t cause accidents.

Matt Pace

I predict that online shopping will start to take a toll on small package carriers. The increase in sales will lead to Amazon and others to look at other ways to deliver via drone technology and subbing out to larger trucking networks.

Earle Foster

Mobile computing will continue to grow in capabilities and importance, making life more convenient.


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