Sealevel Closed For Thanksgiving

Sealevel will be closed in celebration of Thanksgiving, November 25-26, as we give thanks for all of the blessings in our lives.  We are grateful for our colleagues and customers.  We appreciate time spent with friends and family.  But what does the Sealevel family have planned for a long, Thanksgiving weekend?

Family traditions, house guests and Black Friday…

Tom O’Hanlan: I’ll be quail hunting at Generostee Creek.

Jeff Baldwin: My new fiancé (Haley) and I will be having Thanksgiving at our house up here in Pendleton for the first time, instead of going back to where we grew up to our parents’ houses, because we are making our lives together in the upstate. We will then go to a “cut your own tree” farm the next day to pick out and cut our Christmas tree.

Sarah Beasley: I’ll be in the kitchen with my mom and Ella, eating cake batter, pumpkin pie, and leftover turkey sandwiches.  My favorite part is when my niece or nephew gives the blessing, “God is Great.  God is good.  Jesus loves me. Amen.” My dad, like a mischievous Catholic school boy, keeps his eyes open during the blessing and squeezes my hand and tries to make me laugh.  Then, we’ll share some good wine and say what we are thankful for, which for me is my baby girl (due in 4 weeks) and always for my husband and family.

Marc Foster:  I will be spending the day with my wife and 7 children, enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, and then decorating our home for the Christmas.

Melanie Ginn: I will be watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade while preparing my Thanksgiving meal for the family.  I’m sure a birthday celebration will be in there somewhere as my niece turns 12 that weekend.

Gina Tigue: This year is Jeremi’s year and he wants burgers for Thanksgiving. My brother and nephew will be coming up from Florida to join us at my mom’s. This is great because I haven’t seen him or my nephew for four years now. So, we will be having a mixed Thanksgiving, traditional and not so traditional.

Kelli Norris: I plan on spending time with my family and get stuffed with turkey, not stuffing the turkey!  Gobble, Gobble!!

Tony Roessler: I will be eating Turkey with my family.  Then digesting, then eating more.

Jackie Hobbs: Watching football, eating all kinds of mouthwatering goodies all day long and playing Mexican Train until the wee hours of the morning …. I just LOVE the Holidays!!

Jodi Caldwell: I will be frying a turkey, having family over and watching the Detroit Lions lose. Then I will look through Black Friday ads, and put up Christmas decorations if my family can find enough energy to help me.

Amanda Brock: On Saturday, I’ll spend the day at Death Valley tailgating with friends for the Clemson-USC game.

Bryan Buchanan: For Thanksgiving, Lou and I usually travel a bit and this year is no exception. This year we will get on the road to Georgetown, SC and have the evening dinner at Uncle John’s home in the downtown historic district. There are always at least thirty of us (from SC, NC and VA) that gather. Friday we will get up and the guys are going skeet shooting and the girls are throwing a shower for Louanne (our son is due in February). In the afternoon we will walk a couple of blocks over to Big Tuna (beers and oysters..) and then hang out that evening with stories and more fellowship.

Earle Foster: I am looking forward to seeing my younger sister, Lisa, for the first time in two years.  She and her husband now live up in Lancaster, PA, about an hour outside of Philadelphia.  They want to move back, and I’m planning on taking them downtown since they haven’t been there in a long time.  I’m hoping that will help make their eagerness to return home even stronger.

Scott Guinn: This year we will enjoy a full house with in-laws from both Florida and Georgia. Does anyone know how big of a turkey I’m going to need for six kids, six adults and three dogs?

Bob Lovvorn: I’ll be heading to Daytona Beach to spend Thanksgiving with my 83 year old mom. Ah yeah.

Wanda Adams: I will be looking through the black Friday papers to see what I will be missing while I am snug in my bed at 4:00 in the morning.

Wallace Krebs: We won’t be adding to the mayhem on black Friday this year and I won’t miss getting up at 3am to deal with the other shoppers and traffic like years past. Instead, a few of us are going to make the 3+ mile hike to the top of Table Rock and Pinnacle Mountain to get some pictures while the trees are still colorful.

Robert Klauser: I will cut grass and prune 700 walnut trees at the beginning of the week and take it easy thanksgiving day.  No shopping for this procrastinator; I’ll eBay all my presents.

James Priest: We’re spending our second thanksgiving holiday in the US with our new family additions – Imogen and Bob.  With thanksgiving being a truly American occasion, we try and soak up as much Americana during the holidays as we can.  We may even brave ‘Black Friday’ to see if we can pick up some new wares for the house we’re building on Lake Robinson.  I may also pop to the pub for a few cheeky drinks, if I have the time.

Tell us what you have planned for Thanksgiving.

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