What Is Sealevel’s Next Big Thing?

Sealevel's SeaPAC-R9 Launches in 2010Successful product companies are continually searching for the “Next Big Thing”. At Sealevel, this attitude is embodied in our company mantra: We Listen. Think. And Create. A great example of Sealevel’s history of innovation comes from 1994 when Tom O’Hanlan, Sealevel’s founder, president and CEO, invented the RS-485 auto-enable circuit and introduced this technology on the company’s communication products. The RS-485 auto-enable circuit eliminated the need to control the RS-485 transceiver enable signal via software, removing the risk of communications error due to bus contention. This circuit is one of the reasons that the moniker “Sealevel card” is often used to describe any serial I/O card.

Another example of a game-changer was the introduction of our Relio line of solid-state computers in 2003. The Relio was Sealevel’s solution to the problem of making PC-compatible computers more reliable and better suited to industrial and military environments. The Relio design eliminated the most common failure points of industrial computers – moving parts – using a fanless SBC design and solid-state storage (which was just becoming affordable in 2003) instead of a standard hard disk drive.

In early 2010, Sealevel will introduce what we truly think is a “Next Big Thing”. We are combining our Relio R9 RISC-based computer solution with state-of-the-art LED backlit TFT LCD displays to create the SeaPAC R9 family of flat panel computers designed to operate from -30°C to +70°C without heaters or cooling fans. Traditional LCDs use CCFT backlights that cannot be turned on below 0°C without significantly reducing the lifetime of the backlights, requiring an expensive closed-loop heater system to warm the tubes before applying power in cold temperatures. LED backlit displays are also less susceptible to vibration, so potential applications range from outdoor control and monitoring to in-vehicle computing. The SeaPAC R9 family will be the first Sealevel innovation of many coming available in 2010.

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