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Green Commitment

Sealevel is mindful of its environmental impact. To that end, we think globally about our products. What happens when we design them, make them and when our clients use them.


In recognition of World Environment Day, Sealevel partnered with Mokugift to plant nearly 2,500 trees in honor of our customers The eco-program encourages customers to take advantage of paperless publications, like Sealevel's monthly e-newsletter.

Internal Eco-Audits

We invite employees to share their ideas to make Sealevel a more eco-friendly workplace. We conduct quarterly eco-audits to identify new ways employees can reduce, reuse and recycle that we share in our earth friendly e-newsletter.

RoHS Compliance

Sealevel is committed to providing its customers with high-quality products that meet RoHS (2002/95/EC), WEEE (2002/96/EC), and other green initiatives adopted by the global community. RoHS restricts the use of lead and certain other hazardous materials in electronic products marketed to the European Union. All new Sealevel products are designed for RoHS compatibility. Legacy Sealevel products and manufacturing processes are being modified for modifying for RoHS compliance. To meet global and domestic customer demand, Sealevel offers both RoHS compliant and non-compliant products.

WEEE Compliance

All compliant Sealevel products display the universal WEEE symbol, the European Union's Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive that restricts the use of hazardous substances and the recycling of electrical and electric equipment.

Chuck Leavell, Celebrity Spokesman, Environmental Hero

Former bandleader and acclaimed keyboardist, Chuck Leavell, is Sealevel's celebrity spokesperson and recorded voice-overs and videos about the company's environmental commitment featured throughout our new marketing campaign.

One of the most respected and sought-after piano players and keyboardists in modern music history, Chuck Leavell is a well-respected musician who has jammed with The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, The Allman Brothers Band, The Black Crowes, Government Mule, Train and others. He is an inductee in both the Georgia Music Hall of Fame and the Alabama Music Hall of Fame.

His accomplishments as a conservationist and tree farmer are equally impressive. Leavell and wife, Rose Lane White Leavell, turned her family's Charlane Plantation near Macon, Georgia, into a thriving tree farm.

Recognized by a number of conservation organizations, Leavell is the only two-time recipient of the Georgia Tree Farmer of the Year award, and in 1999, the American Tree Farm System selected Chuck and Rose Lane as the National Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year. Leavell's book, Forever Green: The History and Hope of the American Forest is acclaimed by both the forestry and conservation communities and was nominated for several awards.
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