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There’s a sensor that does what?

A pulsing, glowing light bathes the room. Screens cover one wall. A man standing at a computer anxiously scrolls through data. Mechanical fans whir unpleasantly. ¬†The man turns, exclaiming as he does so, “The sensors have been tripped! Evacuate everyone. Now!” What are these sensors? How do they get tripped? Is this real technology or […]

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Forestry Friday Spotlight: Corporate Responsibility for Restoring Ecosystems

The tragedy of Sierra Leone’s mudslides¬†– which killed over 200 people earlier this week – is a severe reminder that we have a responsibility to sustainability. Heavy deforestation and poor urban planning combined with especially intense monsoons precipitated the disaster, creating rapid erosion and vulnerable communities. We mourn the loss of so many lives and […]

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Reducing the Regulatory Burden with IIoT

The regulatory burden is a fact for every industry, from hospitality to manufacturing. It’s time-consuming and expensive to fill out reports, and the cost of compliance seems to increase every year. However, breaching regulations could be the end of your business. So, can technology make things easier for business owners? The answer is a resounding […]

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Made in America: Celebrating Conservation Entrepreneurs

As a company that values our “American Made” promise, we like to honor other innovators whose work bolsters America. Among our heroes is John Muir, credited as the “Father of the National Parks.” Though himself not made in America, he made a lasting mark on the United States by founding the American conservation effort. He […]

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Why the Cloud is Essential for IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing everything. For example, manufacturing is about to receive a huge boost in efficiency thanks to the rise of smart factories with millions of sensors and controllers that offer crucial real-time performance data. If you’re thinking that having millions of independent smart devices sounds like a major logistics challenge […]

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