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Four Pillars for Successful IIoT Implementation

The Internet of Things (IoT) has huge implications for manufacturing and industry. Being able to monitor and remotely control every part of a factory or other industrial facility means being able to vastly improve efficiency; and the insights gained from all that data can help to drive innovation, creating new products and new markets. The […]

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Engineer for a Day: Wireless Modbus Gateway

Engineer for a Day is a new feature for you to provide feedback and suggestions for products that are currently in development at Sealevel. Please provide input for our engineering team by commenting. Wireless Modbus Gateway The Basics: The Wireless Modbus Gateway will provide wireless Ethernet Modbus TCP to RS-485 communication to SeaI/O modules. A […]

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The Race for a Universal IoT Security Standard

On October 21, 2016, the DNS provider Dyn experienced the biggest distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack in history. Although it was short lived, it caused an outage to many of the sites and services dependant on Dyn, including Twitter, Netflix and Reddit. This DDoS was caused by a virus running on insecure devices, with […]

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6 Exciting Tech Breakthroughs of 2016

This has been another year of remarkable advances in tech. Technologies such as 3D printing, Internet of Things and cloud computing are all coming to maturation, changing life for consumers and businesses across the world. 2016 has also seen some new frontiers opening up, with exciting breakthroughs in the world of computers, electricity and biomedicine. […]

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Saving Energy – Saving Money

We all want to be more energy efficient, whether it’s because we want to help fight climate change or mitigate dependency on foreign oil, or simply because we want to reduce our own energy bills. Becoming more efficient can be a challenge, however. There are competing standards and technologies, and it can be hard to […]

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