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IoT Adoption: Where Are We Now?

We’ve heard a lot of promises over the last decade about how Internet of Things (IoT) is going to change the world,especially in¬†manufacturing, but what is the actual state of play right now? Is IoT taking off,¬†or is it just another tech fad? Two studies published at the end of 2017 show us exactly where […]

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Three Battery Innovations to Follow in 2018

Batteries have an odd reputation. Some of them are famous for exploding. Consumers often associate them with little, tough pink bunnies. You can even find curated lists of battery memes. Nonetheless, batteries are a serious business. Since the clean energy pop of the early 2000s, battery research has been a priority for technology and structural […]

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What is Dark Data? The Upside Down of the Data Revolution

Even the most superficial of astronomers and astrophysicists has heard the term “dark matter” when referring to outer space. A form of mass, it comprises 80% of the universe, but paradoxically, humans cannot directly observe it. It is the “apps running in the background” of astrophysics: it explains and causes a lot to happen, but […]

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4 Important Trends in Electrical Engineering

We often don’t realize how dependent we are on electricity until we lose it, such as in the wake of 2017’s devastating hurricanes. Obtaining, storing and using power are engineering challenges being tackled by ambitious research and development departments across the world. Major trends in this research include smart grids, large-capacity batteries, nanowire batteries and […]

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What’s your reality? AR vs VR vs MR

Despite the drama of Virtual Reality’s potential, as seen in the The Matrix, few people still understand what it is or how it could change everything we do. So what is virtual reality? Does it have anything to do with augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR)? Is it good for anything other than gaming […]

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