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@Sealevel: Thankful Thursday: Meals on Wheels

While our products may be used across the nation and world (even outer space), we humbly acknowledge the importance of our local framework. We hope to express our deep appreciation through a “month of giving” to Liberty, Pickens and Greenville area organizations. This month, we are sponsoring five organizations particularly in need for the fall/winter […]

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Smart Trust: The Rise of Blockchain in Edge Computing, Part I

The new Amazon Key wants to kill traditional package delivery. Their drivers access your home with a special key and place your package inside. Compatible with Alexa and cloud-based, Key expands the Amazon IoT home system. Many people are saying “no, thanks” to this announcement. Vulnerabilities – physical access to the home by a stranger […]

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@Sealevel: Month of Giving

People who know Sealevel know our brand for quality: we proudly manufacture our products here in the USA and provide lifetime warranties along with thorough support. However, just as important to us, we hope people know our name for lifetime philanthropy and care for our community. While our primary focus as a company has been […]

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CARTA: A New Way of Managing Risk

IT security, as we know it, works a lot like physical security in that the goal is to do two things: let good people in and keep bad people out. If you show your badge to the guards and you have permission to access the room ahead, they will open the door to let you […]

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Not Monk-y Business: Brewing Up IIoT Solutions

Some Sealevel team members were talking about IIoT applications. Cold chain monitoring, wastewater management, agriculture and liquid manufacturing, to name a few, offer data-rich operations perfect for the technology. This talk led to discussion about another production process that offers a similar potential for big data harnessing and narrative analytics. Brewing. That’s right: beer. Whether […]

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