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New 4 & 8 Port Software Configurable Desktop USB to Serial Adapters

Date: 07/16/2008

Product Highlights
  • Each port is software configurable for RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485
  • Electrical interface settings are maintained across multiple computers
  • USB bus powered
  • Data rates to 921.6K bps
  • Status LEDs indicate electrical interface and serial data activity for each port

Sealevel Systems announces two additions to the popular SeaLINK? USB to serial product line, the SeaLINK+4.SC and SeaLINK+8.SC. Offering four or eight serial ports that are software configurable for RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485, the adapters eliminate the need to open the enclosure to change jumper settings or dipswitches. The devices maintain their electrical interface settings locally, allowing the host computer to be repaired or upgraded without reconfiguring the serial ports. Additionally, the devices can be configured at one computer and deployed to other computers.

The serial ports on each SeaLINK adapter appear as standard COM ports to the host computer enabling compatibility with legacy software. All Sealevel SeaLINK USB serial adapters use a state-machine architecture that greatly reduces the host computer?s overhead when communicating over multiple serial ports simultaneously while supporting data rates to 921.6K bps. Status LEDs on the front of the enclosure indicate serial data activity, electrical interface, and power.

The SeaLINK+4.SC and SeaLINK+8.SC are USB bus powered, so no external power supply is needed. Both models include highly-retentive USB type B connectors to help prevent unintentional disconnection from standard USB cables. The SeaLINK+8.SC also integrates a SeaLATCH locking USB port, which is fully compatible with standard USB cables. When used with the included USB cable with a locking type B connector, the metal thumbscrew provides a secure connection to the device and prevents accidental cable disconnection.

All SeaLINK products ship with the Sealevel Systems SeaCOM? suite of Windows drivers and diagnostic utilities. WinSSD, a full-featured application providing powerful testing and diagnostic capabilities, is also included. Use WinSSD for BERT (Bit Error Rate Testing), throughput monitoring, loopback tests, and transmit test pattern messages.

Standard operating temperature range for SeaLINK products is 0-70?C, and extended temperature range (-40?C - +85?C) models are available. Both are available immediately from stock priced at $359 for the SeaLINK+4.SC (Item# 2423) and $559 for the SeaLINK+8.SC (Item# 2823). Like all Sealevel I/O products, the adapters are backed by a lifetime warranty.

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