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New on the App Store - Monitor, Troubleshoot and Test with Mod+ Connect

Author: Katherine Elrod
Date: 10/10/2016
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Sealevel Mod+ Connect, a diagnostic and test utility, is now available on the Apple® iTunes® App Store®. The new app is intended for use with SeaI/O Ethernet and wireless I/O modules, as well as Sealevel's eI/O Ethernet and PoE compact I/O modules. Mod+ Connect allows users to view and change device settings, as well as monitor and control the I/O banks of the connected module. The app is compatible with iPhone® 6 or greater, running iOS 9 or later with an active Wi-Fi connection.

With Sealevel Mod+ Connect, users can
  • Directly interact with Sealevel SeaI/O and eI/O devices
  • Monitor Sealevle I/O devices on a Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Troubleshoot network and communication problems
  • Easily develop control software through I/O simulation

Mod+ Connect's intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) makes controlling outputs and monitoring inputs easy, no matter the user's location or experience level. While all Sealevel SeaI/O and eI/O modules use Modbus protocol, control of the app doesn't require Modbus-specific commands to read the I/O, allowing for easy operation by the most novice users.

For more advanced Modbus users, Sealevel offers the Modbus Connect app.

Visit the App Store to download Mod+ Connect,visit Sealevel's website for the detailed app note and demonstration video or call +1 864.843.4343 for more information.


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