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New PCI Express Boards Enable Robust Synchronous Serial Communications

Author: Earle Foster
Date: 08/20/2013
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Product Features
  • Multi-interface RS-232/422/485 or RS-232 models
  • Z85230 Enhanced Serial Communications Controller (ESCC)
  • Data rates to 128K bps (Burst mode)
  • All modem control signals implemented
  • PCI Express X1 compliant
  • Compatible with all low profile and standard-height PCI Express slots

LIBERTY, SC, USA Sealevel Systems, Inc. today announced the release of two new single-port PCI Express serial I/O adapters designed for avionics, satellite, radar, and other applications that require robust synchronous communications. Both boards use the popular Zilog Z85230 Enhanced Serial Communications Controller (ESCC) for maximum compatibility with a variety of interfaces and protocols.

The 5102e multi-interface board is configurable for RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, RS-530, RS-530A or V.35, while the 5103e has an RS-232 interface. Both boards support data rates up to 128K bps. A digital phase lock loop (DPLL) circuit is included in each design for reliable communication when using NRZI or FM encoding.

Sealevel's SeaMAC synchronous serial driver provides HDLC/SDLC protocols as well as certain configurations of monosync, bi-sync and raw modes for critical communication development and support. Software utilities are included to speed application development and to assist in field installation.

The 5102e is available immediately from stock priced at $459 for low-profile (Item# 5102e) and full-height (Item# 5102eS) PCI Express slots. The 5103e and 5103eS begin at $449. Standard operating temperature range is 0 - +70C, and extended temperature versions operating from -40C - +85C are available.

Like all Sealevel I/O products, the 5102e and 5103e are backed by free technical support and a lifetime warranty.


Sealevel Systems, founded in 1986, provides industrial computing solutions in addition to a variety of communications and I/O products including PCI Express and PCI Bus cards, Ethernet serial servers, and USB serial adapters. The product line includes multi-port RS-232, RS-422/485, RS-232/422/485 multi-interface high-speed sync/async, and digital/relay I/O. For more information visit or call 864-843-4343.


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