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Sealevel Systems Introduces Low-Cost Ethernet to Serial Device Servers

Date: 08/06/2004

Sealevel Systems, Inc. announces an expansion of the SeaLINK? family of serial device drivers with the introduction of new, low-cost, one and two port models. Offering RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 communications, SeaLINK devices are the easiest way to connect legacy serial devices directly to an Ethernet network.

Based upon a powerful embedded microprocessor, SeaLINK products are able to communicate at sustained rates up to 230K bps. RS-232 models implement all modem control signals for maximum compatibility with a variety of peripherals, and all SeaLINK devices include a watchdog timer circuit for fault tolerance. Flexible table mount or DIN Rail mounting options allow easy installation close to the target I/O.

SeaLINK products use industry standard RFC 2217 TCP/IP protocol for maximizing compatibility with the widest range of applications and networked serial devices. The included software works under a wide variety of operating systems including Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP and Linux. Standard serial operating calls are transparently redirected to the SeaLINK, which operates as a virtual COM port, not only guaranteeing compatibility with most serial devices, but also enabling backward compatibility with existing code. Alternatively, Raw Data Socket mode is supported, eliminating the need for a driver.

SeaLINK products are available as multi-interface RS-232/422/485, RS-422/485, or RS-232 only. Standard operating temperature range is 0?C to 70?C and extended temperature range (-40?C to +85?C) is optional. SeaLINK prices start at $199 and product is available immediately from stock.

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Sealevel Systems, founded in 1986, provides industrial computing solutions in addition to a variety of communications and I/O products including PCI Express and PCI Bus cards, Ethernet serial servers, and USB serial adapters. The product line includes multi-port RS-232, RS-422/485, RS-232/422/485 multi-interface high-speed sync/async, and digital/relay I/O. For more information visit or call 864-843-4343.


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