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Custom Capabilities


Sealevel has provided custom I/O board design for customers since 1986. Whether you need a plug-in card solution, such as PCIe or PMC, or a complex system design, our experience can be leveraged to create the design you need on time and within budget.


Using advanced 3D modeling tools from SolidWorks, complex mechanical projects are accomplished with amazing speed and accuracy. Every aspect of the design is modeled, including board, component and connector placements. These models are used to communicate the design with you to ensure that all expectations are met before we build prototypes.


Sealevel's staff includes software engineers, computer engineers, and computer scientists for a team adept in solving the most complex embedded software challenges. Our engineers use industry-standard software development processes to ensure compliance with specifications and schedule.


For products that require the highest reliability, Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) can accelerate defects that may otherwise not be detected until a field failure occurs. Whether your market is military or commercial, Sealevel offers the knowledge and tools to bring the highest level of quality to your next product design.

Project Management

Sealevel's experienced staff works with you to understand the details of your requirements and then works to create both a Statement of Work and Project Schedule. As the project progresses, Sealevel provides frequent updates and schedules review meetings to coincide with key project milestones in each phase of the development.

Compliance & Certification

Using a "design for certification" approach, Sealevel can manage the entire process of custom product development certified to many military and commercial standards.
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