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Design Feature: COM Express
COM Express, a widely supported implementation of Computer on Module (COM) design, minimizes the difficulty of custom computer board design by combining the processing, memory, video, Ethernet and USB functionality in a small, highly integrated module. The COM Express module brings the processor bus and high-speed I/O out to a connector that installs on purpose-built carrier boards and provides application-specific I/O and external connectors.

Sealevel carrier boards are customized to meet all required system functionality in addition to the core features supplied by COM Express modules. Sealevel can include common I/O features such as serial, analog and digital I/O, all of which can be designed to the exact electrical and mechanical requirements for your specific application.

When an off-the-shelf product doesn't meet your requirements, turn to Sealevel's custom capabilities for expertise in electrical, mechanical, software, environmental stress screening, project management and compliance & certification.

COM Express modules and Sealevel custom carrier boards provide the advantages of custom solutions with the conveniences of COTS. Call us today to discuss the design capabilities, reliability improvements and design control advantages that a Sealevel COM Express carrier board design will bring to your next product.

Read our COM Express Carrier Board Solutions article that was featured in the October 2011 issue of Military Embedded Systems. For more details, download the COM Express Custom Solutions datasheet.

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