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Embedded RISC Computing for Remote Monitoring and Control
At ISA 2010 Sealevel demonstrated some of the capabilities of our RISC-based Relio R9. The system, which maximizes equipment efficiency by detecting partial failure and minimizing maintenance, can be used to securely monitor and control signage from virtually anywhere in the world.

The Relio R9 delivers RISC computing power in a compact, rugged package. Packed with a wealth of I/O features and using the latest embedded software environment, the Relio R9 is an application-ready platform for your next product design. The system is based on the Atmel AT91SAM9263 processor boasting a 32-bit ARM® instruction set for maximum performance and 16-bit Thumb® instruction set for increased code density. With up to 256MB RAM and 256MB Flash memory, the unmatched I/O features of the Relio R9 extend the possible uses beyond traditional ARM applications. Learn more about the Relio family of computers.

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Engineer for a Day: Wireless Modbus Gateway

Engineer for a Day is a new feature for you to provide feedback and suggestions for products that are currently in development at Sealevel. Please provide input for our engineering team by commenting. Wireless Modbus Gateway The Basics: The Wireless Modbus Gateway will provide wireless Ethernet Modbus TCP to RS-485 communication to SeaI/O modules. A […]

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Embracing Innovation Since 1986

You are headed out of town on vacation. As you leave, stop by the gas station and walk in to pay with cash before pumping. Don’t forget to grab film for the camera, a new roadmap, and a few VHS tapes for the kids to enjoy once you reach your destination. You’ve got the bag […]

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