April 2003 . Volume 2 . Issue 3
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eI/O M-Series embedded I/O products offer cost-effective modular expansion for a wide variety of control and monitoring applications. Unlike traditional I/O products, eI/O M-Series modules achieve I/O expansion in groups of eight inputs or outputs per module. The user can mix and match the modules as appropriate to create a customized embedded I/O architecture.

Interface to the module chain is accomplished with digital I/O via a standard 50-pin ribbon connector contained on the M200 baseboard. Individual eI/O M-Series I/O modules are added to the M200 or other eI/O M-Series modules via a rugged 50-pin connector. Up to four eI/O M-Series modules can be used together, allowing 32 total I/O points type-selectable in 8-bit increments.


• Low-cost industrial I/O
• Modular format allows selection of I/O in 8-bit increments
• Mix and match modules for cost-effectiveness
• Control from industry-standard 50-pin cable (PB24/32)
• No motherboard/backplane needed; boards connect through rugged 50-pin interconnects
• Removable screw terminals for field I/O connections
• Eurotray (DIN rail compatible) or direct mounting


M200 Baseboard Module
The M200 baseboard module connects eI/O family interface modules to digital control boards (e.g. Sealevel’s PIO series of boards and USB adapters) via a 50-pin ribbon cable. This cabling is backward compatible with PB-24/32 connections. System power can be input from the ribbon cable, an external 5VDC input or external 9VDC to 30VDC input using the on-board regulator. On-board LEDs indicate input power status and connection of up to four eI/O modules.


M240 Opto-isolated Input Module
M240 modules provide 8 channels of optically isolated inputs for monitoring a variety of real-world devices. Inputs can range from 12-24VAC/DC and field wiring is connected via two removable 8-pin terminal blocks. For convenience connecting ground signals, “commoning” jumpers are provided that tie each input’s ground connection to common. Status of each input (on/off) is displayed via on-board LEDs.


M250 Opto-isolated Output Module, Sinking
The M250 is an optically-isolated open-collector output module designed to control up to 24VDC devices. 500VDC isolation protects electronics from over-voltage damage. Connection to field wiring is accomplished via a 10-pin removable terminal block. Output state of each bit is displayed via on-board LEDs. Requires power supplied to field terminal block from external supply such as the optional PS101.



M260 Reed Relay Module
The M260 provides 8 SPST (Form A) dry contact Reed relay outputs. Reed relays provide high quality, long life switch closures and are well suited for low current applications. Field wiring connections are made to the module via two removable 8-pin screw terminal blocks. On-board LEDs indicate status of each relay (open/closed).


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