April 2006 . Volume 5. Issue 4

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Powerful I/O Expansion for the PC/104 Stack!

Sealevel PC/104 modules are designed to meet the core needs of applications requiring high reliability, small size, and long-term availability. All Sealevel PC/104 products are available in both standard and extended temperature range models (-40°C to +85°C), and our custom design services can create a solution tailored to your specific requirements.

New! Industry-First 16 Port PC/104 Serial I/O Module

Text Box:  Targeting serial intensive embedded applications, Sealevel has introduced the SIO-104+16.485, the industry’s first PC/104 module offering 16 RS-485 ports. The SIO-104+16.485 conforms strictly to PC/104 specifications and includes 16C954 UARTs with 128-byte FIFOs for fast, error-free communication up to 921.6K bps. Additionally, the board supports custom baud rates and 9-bit protocols.

To simplify RS-485 communication, the board automatically handles the RS-485 driver enable, allowing the RS-­485 ports to be viewed by the operating system as standard COM ports. Interface is accomplished via a 40-pin header connector. Breakout cables and other helpful accessories are available to facilitate rapid implementation. SIO-104+16.485 boards ship with Sealevel Systems’ SeaCOM suite of Windows® 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP drivers, and a Windows® CE .NET 5.0 driver is also available.

For more information visit our product page on our website: Item# 3562

Four Port Software-Selectable RS-232/422/485 Interface

Text Box:  The C4-104.ULTRA is the first multi-interface PC/104 serial I/O card that allows the user to select the desired interface via software. RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 modes may be selected independently for each of the four ports using simple software commands, eliminating the need for setting jumpers or DIP-switches on the board. The board is designed using the XR16C864 UART that provides a 128-byte FIFO, 8 times larger than boards designed with 16C550 compatible parts. The larger buffers allow error-free operation even in high-speed applications. Additionally, the C4-104.ULTRA allows RS-485 network termination, critical to robust multi-drop communication, to be selectively added to the circuit via a simple software command.

For more information visit our product page on our website: Item# 3540

Analog/Digital Multi-Function Board

Text Box:  Designed using the Maxim MAX197 successive approximation-type A/D chip, the AIO-104+8 provides eight single-ended 12-bit inputs. Additionally, the module provides two 12-bit D/A output channels and 16 TTL digital I/O bits that can be individually programmed as inputs or outputs.

The AIO-104+8’s A/D inputs are software selectable for 0-5V, 0-10V, +/-5V, and +/-10V ranges and can be configured via hardware for measuring 4–20mA current loop. The inputs feature 5MHz bandwidth track/hold and 100K bps throughput rate. The two 12-bit D/A channels are jumper selectable for 4.095V or 2.048V full-scale. Software support for the AIO-104+8 is provided for easy implementation using either Win32 library calls or a drop-in ActiveX control.

For more information visit our product page on our website: Item# 3820

Reed RelayOutput, Optically Isolated Input Module

Text Box:  The DIO-32.104 combines 16 optically isolated inputs and 16 Reed relay outputs, providing an easy, cost-effective way to add real-world control and monitoring capabilities to the PC/104 stack. Optically isolated inputs serve a vital role in eliminating equipment damage caused by line spikes and surges present in industrial environments. The inputs are rated for 3-13VDC (Item# 3730) or 10-30VDC (Item# 3730H) and offer 100VDC isolation. The 16 Reed relays provide long life, dry contact switch closures that are well suited for low current applications. Each output is rated for up to 10W operation and allows non-destructive software readback.

For more information visit our product page on our website: Item# 3730

PC/104 I/O Kits Set the Standard!

Sealevel PC/104 kits offer a standardized method for interfacing real-world I/O connections. Simply design our 3.2” x 3.1” Portholes™ into your enclosure to mix and match PC/104 I/O kits for maximum configurability. See our PC/104 kits in action in the application examples for our Relio R2000 and R3000 family of solid-state industrial computers.

Text Box:

Sealevel provides a variety of PC/104 capabilities. Please visit our website for a complete and detailed listing of our PC/104 modules.

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