April 2007 > Volume 6 Issue 4

Isolated USB Hub Includes Innovative Locking Connectors

Sealevel expands the popular SeaI/O family with the introduction of the new SeaI/O-270U, a seven-port optically isolated USB hub. The SeaI/O-270U protects your computer from damaging power surges, spikes, and ground loops.  In addition to protection from electrical damage, the SeaI/O-270U includes Sealevel’s patent-pending SeaLATCH™ locking USB connector design to prevent accidental cable disconnection of both upstream and downstream USB ports. The SeaI/O-270U can use either standard USB cables or SeaLATCH locking USB cables.

The SeaI/O-270U provides up to 1500 VAC protection from harmful voltages injected on USB peripheral cabling.  Status LEDs on the hub indicate external power, connection to the host, and fault conditions.


  • Protects computers from damaging voltage spikes and surges
  • SeaLATCH locking USB prevents accidental disconnections
  • Provides a full 500mA power to each USB peripheral
  • Rugged metal enclosure suitable for industrial environments

Explore the SeaI/O-270U isolated USB hub and the SeaLATCH locking USB connectors on our website!

New Compact USB Digital I/O Solutions – SeaDAC Lite

The first SeaDAC Lite modules released feature four optically isolated inputs and four Reed relay (Item# 8111) or Form C relay (Item# 8112) outputs. SeaDAC Lite products offer system designers a compact, low-cost alternative for interfacing any USB equipped computer with real world signals.  For maximum reliability, all SeaDAC Lite products include Sealevel’s SeaLATCH locking USB connector design that prevents accidental cable disconnection.

SeaDAC Lite modules are perfect for a wide variety of applications including process control, facility management, security, and broadcast automation.


• Reed or Form C relay outputs
• Optically isolated inputs
• Powered by USB connection
• Durable plastic enclosure with easy, flexible mounting

Visit our website for more information on new SeaDAC Lite modules.

Introducing the “Intelligent Porthole” Family of USB Digital I/O Solutions

Sealevel also offers SeaDAC Lite modules in iPorthole™ versions, the 8111-KT and 8112-KT.  Simply design the 3.2” x 3.1” Porthole mounting footprint into your enclosure to mix and match iPorthole USB I/O modules for maximum configurability.    The Porthole footprint offers a standardized method for interfacing real-world I/O connections. All Sealevel Relio™ R2000 and R3000 industrial computers include Porthole mounting options for easy expansion.

Please see our website for complete details on the iPorthole family of Digital I/O products.

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Featured Accessory

DIN Rail Mounting Clip
Item# DR104
Easily mount the SeaI/O-270U in your control cabinet using the DR104 removable plastic clip. This durable clip is compatible with all Sealevel SeaI/O modules and attaches securely to 35mm DIN rails.


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Customer Spotlight

The Lowdown: Optical Isolators

In an optical isolator, a circuit turns on or off an LED that shines on a detector. The detector, usually a phototransistor, then turns on or off a separate-and isolated-circuit. Figure 1 shows a cut-away diagram of an optical isolator, also called an optical coupler, opto-coupler, or opto-isolator. To learn more about optical isolation, read the Digital I/O Handbook on our website.


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