August 2006 . Volume 5. Issue 8

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From Design to Manufacture, Sealevel Systems is your Industrial Computing Partner

Sealevel's Relio family of industrial computers combines the reliability of a PLC with the versatility of an industrial computer. Each system offers the quality, revision control, long-term availability, and support you've come to expect from Sealevel I/O products. Our commitment to providing the computing solution you need for an I/O intensive application doesn’t end with our standard product line. Our talented electrical and mechanical engineers can create a custom Relio system optimized for your specific application. Our design to manufacture services include:

  • Detailed Requirements Analysis
  • Custom Circuit Design
  • Software Driver Development for All Popular Operating Systems
  • Mechanical Enclosure Design
  • Private Label Coating and Silkscreen
  • Emissions and Safety Certifications

We’ve put together a series of Customer Spotlight articles to illustrate these capabilities. Take a look at two custom Relio projects that we recently completed:

Radio Transmission Supervisory System

A leading radio broadcasting company required a reliable, small, cost-effective solution for monitoring and control at radio transmitter sites. In addition to the dense I/O requirements, the customer requested that the design allow for easy upgrade or replacement of the single board computer. Sealevel designed a custom Relio system providing a variety of serial, analog, and digital I/O that can be queried or send alerts via the internet or a standard telephone connection. The system supports Windows XP or Linux and the design includes 64 optically isolated inputs, 64 digital outputs, 24 14-bit analog inputs, voice modem with DTMF, serial, USB, and Ethernet functionality in a 1U rackmount enclosure. Download the rest of the “Customer Spotlight – Relio™ Radio Transmission Supervisory System” article (865kb printer-friendly PDF) for complete details on how Sealevel engineers solved the challenges presented by this application.

Patient Monitoring System

A nationwide provider of healthcare equipment used in hospitals needed a serial I/O intensive computing solution for the redesign of a critical care monitoring system. In their application, a monitoring device provides patient information via RS-485 that must be received and archived to a central server. To avoid the cost of a computer in each room, the system must interface up to 16 patient rooms, timestamp the data, and then upload the information to the server. The system, running Windows CE, incorporates 16 two-wire RS-485 ports with RJ45 connectors. To power peripheral devices, 24V power is passed through pin 5 of each RJ45 port. The design also includes 10/100BaseT Ethernet, analog video, an externally accessible CompactFlash socket, and other standard PC functionality in a 1U rackmount chassis. Download the rest of the “Customer Spotlight – Relio™ Patient Monitoring System” article (651kb printer-friendly PDF) for complete details on how Sealevel engineers overcame mechanical and software design challenges with this important system.

Explore additional Customer Spotlight articles for more information on Sealevel industrial computing system designs, available in our Resource Center.

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