February 2006 . Volume 5. Issue 2

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In This Issue:

New! Compact, Ultra-Reliable, Solid-State Embedded I/O Server with Scalable Expansion

Designed to operate without fans or other moving parts, the new Relio R1100 embedded I/O server combines the reliability and design consistency of a PLC with the versatility of an industrial computer. For flexible local and remote I/O expansion, the system connects to Sealevel SeaI/O data acquisition modules available in a variety of digital and analog versions.

Powered by a high-performance, low-power 600MHz Celeron M processor, the R1100 is packed with standard I/O including 10/100BaseT Ethernet, two serial ports, one high-speed USB 2.0 port, and two USB 1.1 ports.  Measuring just 7.5” x 5.1” x 1.8”, R1100 systems are housed in rugged metal enclosures and are small enough to mount almost anywhere. The R1100 is powered by 9-30VDC, and power is provided to SeaI/O expansion modules using convenient pass-through connectors. A VESA mounting bracket is available that attaches the unit directly to flat panel monitors to create a robust, expandable flat panel computing solution.

Windows® XP Embedded is a perfect operating system choice for Relio systems. Sealevel offers application assistance for efficiently transferring customer applications to the XP Embedded platform. Other supported operating systems include Windows® CE .NET, and Linux.

For more information please visit the R1100 product page on our website.

New VersaCom Connector Design Allows RS-232/485 Selectivity Without Jumpers or Switches

Sealevel has introduced an innovative method for configuring selectable RS-232 and RS-485 communication ports. With our VersaCom multi-interface connector design both RS-232 and RS-485 signals are always present and active on the serial connectors. Simply select the appropriate pin out for RS-232 or RS-485 on each individual port. There is never a need to open an enclosure to set internal jumpers, switches, or shunts, so field installation and service is easy. Tx and Rx activity LEDs are also included to display status and assist in troubleshooting. The VersaCom connector is available on our 16-port USB to serial adapter, Item# 2167, and will be included on a number of forthcoming products.

To further simplify connecting to VersaCom RJ45 connectors, Sealevel offers a number of accessories including RJ45 modular adapters (Item# RJ9P8 RJ45 to DB9 adapter shown). With these helpful adapters you can easily connect to serial ports on virtually any computer, PLC, or peripheral regardless of the device’s serial connector type or gender. For more information please browse our full line of adapters and converters.

CompactFlash Cards Offer Easy Expansion for Portable Devices

Sealevel CompactFlash products offer a convenient way to add RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 communications to PDAs, tablets, and other portable devices not normally equipped with serial ports. Driver software is included for popular operating systems including Windows 2000 and XP, and they are automatically recognized in hardware running Windows CE and PocketPC. The cards are compatible with 3.3V and 5V devices and can operate at speeds up to 921.6K bps. One-port models are CompactFlash Type I compliant, while the two-port card is CompactFlash Type II compliant and includes optical isolation on both RS-232 ports for protection against transients and ground loops. All of the products provide protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD).

Sealevel CompactFlash serial cards are housed in a rugged metal case and are backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

Sealevel CompactFlash Features:

 Supported in Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, XP, CE and PocketPC
 Industry Standard 16550-compatible UART
 Data Rates to 921.6K bps
 3.3V or 5V Compatible
 Supports Plug and Play and Hot-swap Operation
 Compatible with All Standard Serial COM Software
 Low Power Consumption
For more info on CompactFlash serial cards click here.

New 2006 Product Catalog Now Available!

At Sealevel we're always busy designing new, innovative products. Stay up-to-date with our brand new 2006 Product Catalog. Loaded with details on our latest serial, digital, and rugged computing solutions, the brochure also contains details of helpful accessories designed to make your job easier. Order your copy by clicking here or download the PDF File (6MB).

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