February 2008 - Issue 2 Vol. 7

Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart debuted in 1958. What was the first recording to go #1?

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How did Neil Young find and buy the Martin D-28 guitar that belonged to Hank Williams?

Neil was visiting Tut Taylor, a bluegrass musician and guitar collector in NC. Tut disappeared into his back room collection and came out with the Hank Williams guitar. Neil has stated, “I couldn't believe that I could buy it. I'm taking care of it.”


SeaLATCH® Brackets Use Open Motherboard Headers to Add USB Ports to Systems

• Add locking USB Type A connectors to systems
• Available for PCI, low profile PCI, and panel
• Connect to host via internal USB header
• Fully compatible with standard USB cables
• Compliant with USB 2.0, 1.1, and 1.0


More I/O in Less Space with Double-Width Mounting Bracket

• Perfect for Relio R1000 industrial computer
  and external power supply
• Add multiple SeaI/O data acquisition modules
  for expanded functionality
• Mount to flat panel or touchscreen monitor
   using 75mm or 100mm VESA pattern
• Center bracket on the panel or offset in various
• Ideal for mounting to walls and under counters

Tech Lowdown

The RS-485 communications standard was introduced in 1983 by the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) as a two-wire, half-duplex, multi-drop alternative to the point-to-point RS-232 interface. (RS-485 can also be wired using 4-wires to enable full-duplex communication). However, the EIA RS-485 specification does not stipulate the method for controlling the driver, therefore a number of alternatives have evolved.

Learn more about which method is the most effective in minimizing risks of communication errors.

PCI Express RS-232 Serial Interface
Add sixteen RS-232 serial ports capable of data rates to 460.8K bps.
• COMM+16.PCI (Item# 7161e)
• 16C854 buffered UARTs with 128-byte FIFOs
• DB-25M connectors with full modem control signals
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USB Digital I/O
Control and monitor 16 optically isolated inputs and 16 Reed relay outputs via any USB connection.
• SeaDAC DIO-32 (Item # 8221)
• High-retention USB Type B connector prevents
  accidental disconnection of USB cable
• Powered by USB connection
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SeaI/O - Data Acquisition Solutions
Provides digital, analog, and serial expansion and connects to the host via wireless, Ethernet, USB, RS-485, or RS-232.
• Daisy chain multiple units for a versatile
  distributed control and monitoring network
• Combine in a stack or separate up to 4000 feet
  using the RS-485 Modbus interface
• Address selectable via software or switch
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Relio R2000 Configurable Solid-State Computers
Operates without fans or other moving parts and is designed for use in harsh environments.
• Fanless operation is rated to 50°C
• Run an embedded operating system for ultimate
• Unmatched expansion capabilities
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7-Port Isolated USB Hub with SeaLATCH Connectors
Winner of ECN 2007 Readers Choice Tech Award
• SeaI/O-270U (Item# 270U)
• Protects computer from damaging voltage spikes and surges
• SeaLATCH® locking USB ports prevent accidental cable disconnection - fully compatible with standard USB cables
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