January 2008 - Issue 1 Vol. 7

Neil Young is the owner of the Martin D-28 guitar that belonged to Hank Williams. How did Neil happen upon this guitar?

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How did Gordon Sumner get the nickname “Sting”?

Sting got the name from his trombone player, who commented on the yellow and black sweater he was wearing.


What happens if your
USB cable is accidentally
unplugged? We have
good news...

7-Port Isolated USB Hub with SeaLATCH Wins 2007 Tech Award
• Protects computer from damaging voltage
  spikes and surges (up to 1500 VAC)
• Prevents accidental cable disconnection with
  SeaLATCH® locking USB ports
• Provides full 500mA power to each USB
• LED’s indicate power, connection, and fault
• Optional DIN rail and other versatile mounting



PC/104 Adapter Kits
• Easily add CompactFlash memory modules or
  2.5" hard drives to your PC/104 stack, via IDE
• Unique arrangement of mounting holes allows
  adapter board to be rotated, which simplifies
  cable routing and improves access to



Tech Lowdown
What is the maximum distance I can run RS-232?
The RS-232C standard specifies a maximum cable length of 50 feet or 2500 pF of capacitance. A typical off the shelf cable is capable of 9600 bps at 50 feet. However, data rate and performance decreases as cable length increases. As cable length increases so does capacitance and the maximum data rate is a direct function of the capacitance of the cable. It is recommended to use a shielded cable since this can help to reduce stray capacitance. If running distances over 50 feet, you should use the lowest capacitance shielded cable available. If you are terminating your own cable, connect the shield to chassis ground only at one end.

Wireless Digital I/O
Use Wireless Ethernet (802.11b/g) to monitor and control digital I/O
• SeaI/O-420W (Item# 420W)
• 16 Optically isolated inputs rated for 5-30VDC
• 8 Form C relay outputs switch up to 60VDC @ 2A
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Touchscreen HMI – SeaPAC™ 6.4” 1.0GHz Series
Combine the power and flexibility of an industrial computer with bright TFT LCD touchscreen monitors and IP65 rating
• SeaPAC-S1100-6R (Item# S1100-6R)
• Solid-state operation – no moving parts
• Local and remote I/O expansion options
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USB Serial I/O
Easily connect four RS-232 or RS-485 devices to a single USB port
• SeaLINK+4.VC (Item# 2407)
• RS-232 and two-wire RS-485 signals always
  present on unique VersaCom RJ45 interface – no
  jumpers or switches to configure
• Options for 5V, 12V, and 24V power on pin 5 of
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USB Digital I/O
Add 16 isolated inputs and 16 relay outputs to an a USB connection
• SeaI/O-410U (Item# 410U)
• 16 optically isolated inputs rated for 5-30VDC
• 16 Reed relay outputs switch up to 60VDC @
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Industrial Computer – Relio™ R1000 Series
Enjoy the processing power of a desktop computer and mount virtually anywhere
• Relio R1300 (Item# R1300)
• Compact, rugged metal enclosure
• Powered by a 500MHz AMD Geode LX800 CPU
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