January 2007 > Volume 6 Issue 1

Conveniently Power Sealevel Ethernet I/O Devices using Power over Ethernet (PoE) Accessories

Need to add Sealevel Ethernet serial or digital I/O devices to your network, but don’t have a power outlet available near the I/O?  With Sealevel’s Power over Ethernet kit, Item# POE-SP-KT, power is supplied over your network’s standard CAT5 cabling.  The POE-SP-KT is made up of two primary parts – a PoE injector and a PoE extractor. Connect the injector to an AC power outlet with the included power supply and then connect to your network. The injector requires no setup and supplies 48VDC power and data to the extractor up to 100 meters away. For compatibility with both Sealevel serial and digital I/O devices, the extractor includes a switch to select 5V or 12V power output to the Sealevel Ethernet I/O device.

For applications connecting Ethernet I/O to an existing PoE installation, an IEEE 802.3af compliant PoE extractor only, Item# POE-SP-EX, is also available.

Power Sealevel Ethernet Serial Servers via PoE

Sealevel’s SeaLINK Ethernet serial servers are the easiest way to connect remotely located serial devices to your network. Now with Power over Ethernet accessories, installation is even easier. SeaLINK devices provide up to 16 serial ports and offer RS-232, RS-422/485, and multi-interface RS-232/422/485 functionality.

Power over Ethernet Kit Installed with Ethernet Serial Server

In this example, the POE-SP-KT is used to provide 5V power to a Sealevel SeaLINK Ethernet serial server.

PoE Supplies Convenient Power for Ethernet SeaI/O Modules

Powering Sealevel’s popular SeaI/O Ethernet data acquisition modules is easy using the POE-SP-KT.  12V power from the extractor is connected to the remotely located SeaI/O module using the included 1.3mm adapter. Choose from a variety of Ethernet SeaI/O models offering Reed and Form C relays, optically isolated inputs, TTL interface to industry standard solid-state relay racks, A/D and D/A functionality.

Power over Ethernet Kit Installed with SeaI/O Module

In this example, the POE-SP-KT is used to provide 12V power to a Sealevel SeaI/O data acquisition module. The PoE extractor is attached to the SeaI/O module using the KT125 universal mounting bracket.

For more information on Sealevel Power over Ethernet accessories, visit the POE-SP-KT and POE-SP-EX webpages. Click to view our full line of SeaLINK Ethernet serial servers and family of SeaI/O data acquisition modules.

Use Bluetooth to Monitor & Control Digital and Analog I/O Wirelessly

Bluetooth is an open specification for seamless wireless short-range communications to establish a Personal Area Network, or "PAN", between electronic devices. Sealevel offers a Bluetooth serial adapter, Item# BT-SD100, that interfaces to SeaI/O RS-232 data acquisition modules and allows wireless communication with any Bluetooth enabled host up to 100 meters away. Typical applications include remote data monitoring using a Bluetooth enabled tablet PC, laptop computer, or PDA (Click image for Bluetooth application examples).

Installation and operation is simple with the BT-SD100.  An included RJ45 to DB9 cable connects the SeaI/O device to the RS-232 Bluetooth adapter and supplies the required 5V power to the adapter. For fast installation, the baud rate is user selectable and the Bluetooth serial adapter is easily “paired” with a Bluetooth-enabled host. Read more about the BT-SD100 on our website.

In This Issue

-Power Sealevel Ethernet Serial Servers via PoE

-PoE Supplies Convenient Power for Ethernet SeaI/O Modules


Featured Accessory

Universal (VESA) Mounting Bracket
Item# KT125
The universal (VESA) mounting bracket, Item# KT125, is a versatile way to mount SeaI/O modules to walls and under counters and to mount other devices to SeaI/O modules. The universal arrangement of slots and holes accept bolt sizes to M4 and can be used for virtually any mounting configuration.


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