June 2005 . Volume 4. Issue 3

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Happy Birthday Sealevel!

Sealevel proudly celebrates our 19th birthday this month. Thanks to all our loyal customers for your continued business! As we enter our 20th year, Sealevel is growing faster than ever. Look for exciting news soon on our forthcoming expansion into a new facility!



Relio™ Custom Computing Solutions

Designed to operate with no moving parts, Relio systems combine the versatility of an industrial computer with the reliability of a PLC. While the standard Relio architecture is suitable for a wide variety of requirements, Sealevel offers design services that can create a custom system optimized for your particular application. We've put together a series of "Customer Spotlight" articles to illustrate these capabilities:

Emergency Communications

A world leading developer of critical two-way radio communications systems used by public safety and government organizations such as police and fire departments needed an ultra-reliable industrial computer to monitor remote site operations. Sealevel designed a custom Relio system to monitor all critical site functions and trigger alarms before communication can be jeopardized. This custom Relio runs on Microsoft Embedded XP and incorporates 120 optically isolated inputs, 96 digital outputs, 40 12-bit A/D channels, serial, USB, and Ethernet functionality into a 1U rackmount enclosure. Download the rest of the "Customer Spotlight - Relio™ Emergency Communications" article (520kb printer-friendly PDF) for complete details on how Sealevel engineers solved the challenges presented by this application.

Public Security Systems

A manufacturer of security systems for public facilities required a 2U rackmount computer with a large amount of I/O to interface a variety of motors and sensors. The new system based on the Relio platform replaces a PLC and several discrete I/O modules. The design includes 32 optically isolated inputs, 32 relay outputs, A/D, D/A, and fieldbus functionality. Additionally 64 discrete LEDs mounted in the enclosure front panel display real-time I/O status information.

Download the rest of the "Customer Spotlight - Relio™ Public Security Systems" article (1.2mb printer-friendly PDF).

Event Notification

A customer that specializes in Homeland Security services contracted Sealevel to design a 1U rackmount computer that included DTMF (Dual Tone Multi-Frequency) and event monitoring capabilities. The system is capable of notifying appropriate contacts when an emergency event occurs and can even perform certain pre-defined control functions. Operator interface is provided using eight tri-color, programmable status LEDs mounted in the front of the enclosure.

To learn more about this design click "Customer Spotlight - Relio™ Emergency Alert & Notification" article (529kb printer-friendly PDF).

For complete information on Sealevel industrial computing solutions please visit our website. If your application would benefit from a custom design, call us today to discuss your specific requirements.

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