June 2006 . Volume 5. Issue 6

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In This Issue:

Introducing SeaPAC Solid-State Flat Panel Computing Solutions

Sealevel Systems, Inc. announces the SeaPAC™ family of flat panel touchscreen computers designed to operate over a wide temperature range without fans or other moving parts. Available with bright, AMTFT LCDs ranging in size from 6.4 to 17, SeaPAC products offer unprecedented versatility and expandability. The systems are perfect for a variety of industrial control, machine interface, and point-of-sale applications where small size and extreme reliability are a must.

Powered by a high-performance, low-power 1GHz Intel® Celeron® M processor, SeaPACs are equipped with robust standard I/O features including 10/100BaseT Ethernet, two serial ports, and three high-speed USB 2.0 ports. For flexible local and remote I/O expansion, SeaPACs expand using Sealevel’s SeaI/O data acquisition modules. Choose from Reed and Form C relays, optically isolated inputs, TTL interfaces, A/D and D/A options. The SeaPAC’s processor subsystem communicates with SeaI/O modules using Modbus RTU allowing one or more SeaI/O modules to be physically attached to the SeaPAC or located remotely up to 4000 feet away.  Both the processor and I/O modules can be easily removed from the display assembly, making field upgrades easy.

Windows® XP Embedded is a perfect operating system choice for SeaPAC systems. Sealevel offers application assistance for efficiently transferring customer applications to the XPe platform. For users that require disk storage, an optional high-temperature hard drive is available.

Visit the SeaPAC Touchscreen Industrial Computers / HMI page for details.

New! Relio R3000 Rackmount Solid-State Computers

Designed for installation in 19" EIA racks, Relio R3000 systems offer a wealth of standard I/O including dual 10/100BaseT Ethernet, four serial ports, four USB ports, and analog video. For I/O intensive applications, interface to a wide variety of real-world devices using Sealevel's robust PC/104 kits or SeaI/O data acquisition modules.

R3000 systems offer unmatched expansion capabilities. Unique I/O plates allow access to PC/104 or SeaI/O connections on both the front and rear of the enclosure. The Sealevel PC/104 Portholes™ design allows flexible I/O expansion. Maximum configurations allow three SeaI/O modules with three PC/104 kits, or six SeaI/O modules. An optional CDRW/DVD can replace one SeaI/O module.

Visit the Relio R3000 and the PC/104 Portholes product pages for details.

Read The Digital I/O Handbook Free Online!

If your duties require interfacing computers to real world digital inputs and outputs, you'll want a copy of The Digital I/O HandbookCoauthored by well-known technical author Jon Titus and Sealevel Systems' President and CEO Tom O'Hanlan, the book includes an array of useful information on hardware and software topics.  Chapters from the book are being made available on the Sealevel website and this month we are featuring Chapter 1 ‘Logic Principles’.  Each month we will release a subsequent chapter online.  The book may also be purchased from our website and is free upon request with the purchase of qualifying Sealevel digital I/O products.

Visit The Digital I/O Handbook product page for details and read Chapter 1 ‘Logic Principles’


Happy Birthday Sealevel!

Sealevel proudly celebrates our 20th birthday this month. Thanks to all our loyal customers for your continued business! In 2006, Sealevel is growing faster than ever. We've recently moved operations to a new 49,000 square foot facility in Liberty, S.C.  The new facility will provide significant room for continued growth and reflects our commitment to meeting the growing needs of our communications, I/O, and industrial computer customers.

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