June 2007 > Volume 6 Issue 6

Another Innovation from Sealevel - the First Modular Flat Panel Computer System

Virtually unlimited configuration options.
Our SeaPAC line gives you a flat panel computer system built to your specific needs. We accomplished this modular design by creating a unique mounting bracket that allows us to produce almost unlimited configuration options. We have a bracket that is the width of a single component (if your solution needs only a few) and a double-width bracket to pack your solution with all the I/O options you need.

You’ll find a variety of SeaPAC configurations that meet typical needs available as standard part numbers ready to order. The beauty of this modular design is that you can have us build a unique solution component by component.

So, start with one of our 6” - 17” flat panel or touchscreen monitors, add a Relio® fanless industrial computer, then add all the I/O connectivity that you need for your solution. SeaPAC’s modularity also provides numerous benefits for expansions and upgrades.

Visit our website for more information on our family of SeaPAC flat panel touchscreen computers.

Now Get Flat Panel LCD PCs Powered by AMD Geode®

New SeaPAC S1300 is powered by a 500MHz Geode LX800
The LX800 is the latest generation AMD processor. The Geode can run applications under XP Embedded to create a complete solid-state system for maximum reliability. Like other models in the SeaPAC line, the new S1300 is equipped with robust I/O features including:

  • Dual 10/100Base-T Ethernet
  • Four serial ports
  • Four high-speed USB 2.0 ports
  • Eight general purpose I/O (GPIO) ports
Read more about our SeaPAC S1300 and explore SeaPAC flat panel computers on our website.

New Geode LX800 Processor Also Available in Standalone Computer

New Relio R1300 Industrial Computer
The new Relio R1300 is an industrial computer powered by the AMD LX800 processor.

  • Operational temperature range of 0° - 50°C
  • Housed in a rugged metal enclosure small enough to mount almost anywhere
  • Connects to Sealevel SeaI/O modules (Available in serial, digital and analog versions)
  • Windows® XP Embedded is a perfect operating system choice for the Relio R1300 (Sealevel offers application assistance for transferring customer applications to the XP Embedded platform)
  • Other supported embedded operating systems include Windows CE .NET, embedded Linux, and QNX
Learn more about the Relio R1300 on our website.

In This Issue


Featured Accessory

Versatile Power Supply
90-265VAC to 12VDC/5VDC
Item# PS105
The PS105 power supply is ideal for powering SeaPAC touchscreen computers, Relio computers, or a stack of SeaI/O modules. The universal AC input accepts 90V to 265V AC so you can plug into almost any AC outlet.


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Customer Spotlight

SeaNOTE: Embedded USB I/O Expansion

The beauty of SeaPAC’s modular design is that you can have Sealevel build a unique solution that fits your specific needs. The innovative SeaPAC line (with unique mounting options) gives you virtually unlimited configuration choices. In this example, we started with one of our 15” touchscreen monitors and added a Relio R1300 fanless industrial computer. Then we added a PS105 power supply and three SeaI/O digital I/O expansion modules. For additional USB ports, we added our 270U optically isolated 7-port USB hub with SeaLATCH locking USB connectors. We included our KT126 LCD mounting stands, which are perfect for application development when you need to keep things mobile.

This is just one possible SeaPAC system. The configuration you end up with is entirely up to you. SeaPAC is proof that we listen, think, and create. Give us a call at 864.843.4343 and let us prove it to you.


Please call us today or visit our website at www.sealevel.com.