June 2008 - Issue 6 Vol. 7

The Rolling Stones’ name was inspired by a song from what band?

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In the 70’s, a singer – just into their own early days of fame – climbed over the fence at Graceland in hopes of meeting Elvis. Elvis wasn’t home and security politely escorted this singer off the grounds. Who was the singer?

Bruce Springsteen




Industrial USB to RS-232/422/485 Serial Interface Adapters
The SeaLINK 2433 and 2833 USB serial adapters provide four or eight serial ports via USB and are ideal for rugged, industrial environments.
• Each port software configurable for RS-232,
  RS-422, or RS-485
• Electrical interface settings maintained across
  multiple computers
• Includes two USB 1.1 hub ports on front of
• 5VDC @ 500mA on pin 9 of each DB9
Read about the 2433 and 2833 USB serial adapters

Desktop USB to RS-232/422/485 Serial Interface Adapters

The SeaLINK 2423 and 2823 USB to serial interface adapters offer an easy way to connect four or eight serial devices to a single USB port.
• Each port software configurable for RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485
• USB bus powered
• Data rates to 921.6K bps
• Status LEDs indicate electrical interface and serial data activity for each port
Read about the 2423 and 2823 USB serial adapters


Tech Lowdown

There is a significant difference in performance between the "Sealevel architecture" and "industry average architecture" for USB serial adapters. Performance testing of 8-port USB serial adapters proved that the architecture determines the maximum baud rate and more importantly, the throughput of connected serial devices. The findings concluded:

• Architecture design significantly impacts performance of multi-port
  USB serial adapters.
• Sealevel's "dedicated USB UART" design is equivalent to
  connecting multiple single-port USB serial adapters to the host.
• Sealevel's USB serial architecture allows each port to run at its
  specified maximum data rate.

Download the PDF Test Report: Impact of Architecture on Performance of USB and Serial Adapters to learn more.

15” LCD TFT Flat Panel Computer
The SeaPAC S1200-15RX combines the Relio R1200 embedded computer with a 15” resistive touchscreen monitor perfect for a variety of control and HMI applications.
• Embedded 1.0GHz ULV Intel Celeron CPU
• Solid-state operation via CompactFlash memory
• Stainless steel displayed rated for NEMA 4X

Low Profile PCI RS-232/422/485 Isolated Serial Interface
The 7108 Low Profile PCI serial interface provides one RS-232/422/485 serial port capable of data rates to 921.6K bps.
• Optical isolation provides protection
  against transients and ground loops
• 16C850 buffered UART with 128-byte FIFOs
• MD1 Low Profile and Universal Bus (3.3V and 5V)   compatible

USB to 4 Isolated Inputs / 4 Form C Relay Outputs
The SeaDAC Lite 8112 can control and monitor up to four optically isolated inputs and four Form C relay outputs via any USB connection.
• Removable 3.5mm screw terminal blocks
  simplify field wiring
• Status LEDs display I/O activity and USB
• Powered by USB connection

I/O Expandable 1U Rackmount Computer
The Relio R4000 computer offers unmatched I/O expansion capabilities and processor options in a 1U rackmount enclosure.
• Versatile serial, digital, and analog I/O expansion
• Reliable, solid-state operation with no fans or
  other moving parts
• Perfect for embedded applications running from

USB to Isolated RS-232 DB25 Serial Interface Adapter
The 2103 provides a single RS-232 serial port to any computer with an available USB port.
• Optical Isolation provides protection against
  transients and ground loops
• Data rates to 460.8K bps
• USB bus powered

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