May 2008 - Issue 5 Vol. 7

Sealevel would like to extend a special thank you to Elvis Presley Enterprises for providing this month’s trivia question.

In the 70’s, a singer – just into their own early days of fame – climbed over the fence at Graceland in hopes of meeting Elvis. Elvis wasn’t home and security politely escorted this singer off the grounds. Who was the singer?

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What product was Intel actually developing when it created the 4004 microprocessor?

A calculator




I/O Expandable 1U Rackmount Computers
The Relio R4000 offers substantial I/O expansion capabilities and selection of processor options in a space-saving 1U rackmount enclosure.
• Supports up to four SeaI/O modules in front
  and rear of enclosure
• Reliable, solid-state operation with no fans or   other moving parts
• Operates over wide temperature range from 0°
   to +50°C
• Perfect for embedded applications running
  from CompactFlash
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USB Synchronous Serial Radio Adapter
The ACC-188 USB synchronous serial radio adapter enables tactical radios currently used by the US Armed Forces to interface to computers and transmit IP based data.
• Implements MIL-STD-188-184 Data Waveform
• Interoperability allows communications among
  various radio brands and models
• Available with a variety of radio connector
• Reduces taxpayer costs compared to
  purchasing ultra-expensive proprietary
  hardware and software
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Customer Spotlight

A leading military contractor performing diagnostic testing and calibration functions on aircraft wanted to reduce the number of physical connections required for their test computer. The contractor was using a combination of Ethernet, serial and digital I/O interfaces between their test computer and aircraft transport rack (ATR). The contractor wanted to limit the costs associated with a custom design by leveraging as much off-the-shelf material and products as possible.

Sealevel provided a solution that reduced the connections to the test computer to one USB cable and one Ethernet cable. A standard 2U Relio industrial computer chassis houses off-the-shelf SeaI/O data acquisition modules and a common industrial Ethernet switch.

Download the “Custom Solutions – Aircraft Test Interface (PDF)” article to find out how we delivered a “custom” solution using off-the-shelf products.

Ethernet to Isolated Inputs & Form C Relay Outputs
The SeaI/O 520E provides eight optically isolated inputs and eight high-current Form C relay outputs.
• 10/100BaseT Ethernet Modbus TCP interface
• Inputs can range from 5-30VDC
• Optical isolation provides protection against
  surges and ground loops
• High-current Form C relays can switch up to
  6A loads at 250VAC and 5A loads at 30VDC

1U Rackmount PCI Server
The W1100 series of computers are an affordable solution for instrumentation, test & measurement, workgroup, and office environments.
• Mini-ITX motherboard with 1.3GHz VIA C7
• Convenient expansion options via two standard 
  height PCI slots
• Additional expansion via six USB 2.0 ports
• Includes CompactFlash socket for embedded 

USB to 32 Channel TTL Digital Interface Adapter
The SeaDAC Lite 8126 can control and monitor up to 32 channels of buffered drive digital I/O via any USB connection.
• Industry standard 50-pin solid-state relay rack  
• Each 8-bit port is individually configurable as
  input or output
• Patent-pending SeaLATCH USB port provides  
  locking connection with SeaLATCH cables via
  metal thumbscrews

USB to RS-232, RS-485 RJ45 VersaCom Serial Interface Adapter
The SeaI/O 687U adds eight RS-232 or RS-485 serial ports to computers via an available USB port.
• VersaCom design allows RS-232 or 2-wire
  RS-485 selection via cabling on each individual
• Data rates to 921.6K bps
• High-retention USB Type B connector prevents  

6.4” TFT LCD Flat Panel Computer
The SeaPAC S1300-6.4 is powered by a 500MHz AMD Geode LX800 CPU and is perfect for a variety of HMI applications.
• Solid-state operation via CompactFlash memory
• Supported by Windows XP Embedded or Linux  
   operating systems
• Panel mount system is IP65 protected from
  sprayed liquids

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