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November 2009 - Issue 11 Vol. 8

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How many songs in the movie, “The Commitments”, are written by Dan Penn?

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Get out your Ray Bans. This 80’s one hit wonder band’s song was really about nuclear holocaust, not a positive future.

Timbuk3, ''The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades''  

Relio R9 ARM9 RISC Single Board Computer

RISC Computing Featured at ISA 2009

RISC Computing Featured at ISA 2009If you visited Sealevel’s booth at ISA 2009, you saw firsthand some capabilities of our RISC-based Relio R9. The Relio R9 was used to demonstrate signage status monitoring from remote locations. The system maximizes equipment efficiency by detecting partial failure and minimizing maintenance. In addition to monitoring and control, the Relio R9 is the perfect platform for embedded applications requiring small size, wide operating temperature range, and flexible I/O connectivity.

Need an All-In-One Remote Monitoring & Control Solution?

RMS-1000 Offers Unprecedented Monitoring and ControlSealevel’s Relio RMS-1000 system brings unprecedented capabilities to broadcast monitoring, communications, IT infrastructure management, and facility security applications. Relio RMS-1000 offers impressive processing power, real-time I/O status display, flexible alarm options (email, SNMP, and voice), and a user-friendly programming interface in a 1U rackmount enclosure.

Tech Lowdown
How Can I Use a Quadrature Counter for Monitoring and Control?

Waveforms of a Shaft EncoderA quadrature counter monitors the output of a DC motor equipped with an optical encoder to detect the exact position, speed, and direction of a motor shaft.

A standard optical encoder has two output channels (labeled “A” and “B”) that are 90 degrees out of phase. These channels may be read by a quadrature counter to detect the direction and speed of the shaft. A separate output (labeled “Index/”), generated from a reference point on the shaft, can be used to count revolutions or reset the counters.

Optical encoders coupled with quadrature counters offer high resolution and reliability. They are used to synchronize moving parts for trouble-free operation. Devices commonly equipped with optical encoders include conveyors, radar domes, drive shafts, desktop printers, camera lenses and trackball mice. For more information see Example 5 in Chapter 4 of our Digital I/O Handbook written by Tom O’Hanlan and Jon Titus.

SBC-R9 ARM9 RISC Single Board Computer SBC-R9 ARM9 RISC Single Board Computer
The SBC-R9 delivers RISC computing power with a wealth of I/O features and uses the latest embedded software environment.
Atmel AT91SAM9263™ ARM® Thumb® Processor
Supports up to 256MB SDRAM and 256MB Flash memory
Dual SD/MMC expansion card slots
1.0GHz ULV Intel Celeron M Flat Panel Computer with 17" TFT LCD 1.0GHz ULV Intel Celeron M Flat Panel Computer with 17" TFT LCD
The SeaPAC-1200-17 combines Sealevel's Relio R1200 embedded computer with a large, bright 17" TFT LCD to create a powerful, ultra-reliable flat panel computer perfect for a variety of control and HMI applications.
Bright 280 nit 17" TFT LCD
Embedded 1.0GHz ULV Intel® Celeron® M CPU
Solid-state operation using internal CompactFlash® memory
USB to 4 Reed Relay Outputs Digital Interface Adapter USB to 4 Reed Relay Outputs Digital Interface Adapter
Control and monitor four dry-contact Reed relay outputs via any USB connection with the 8114.
4 SPST Reed relays
Field wiring is simplified via removable 3.5mm terminal blocks compatible with 16-30 AWG wire
Optional removable spring-clamp terminal blocks available
Optically Isolated 7-Port USB Hub Optically Isolated 7-Port USB Hub
HUB7i is an optically isolated USB hub that connects up to seven USB peripherals and protects the host computer from voltages up to 5500 VAC.
Powered USB isolated hub provides seven downstream USB ports with 500mA available per port
High-retention USB type "B" connector prevents accidental disconnection of USB cable
Status LEDs indicate external power, connection to the host, and fault conditions
Fanless Core™2 Duo Solid-State Computers Fanless Core™2 Duo Solid-State Computers
The Relio R5000 dual-core industrial computer is designed for CPU-intensive applications in industrial environments.
Fanless 2.16GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor
One PCI Express and one PCI expansion slot
Six USB 2.0 ports, dual Gigabit Ethernet, and four serial ports
Visit for synchronous or asynchronous serial, analog or digital I/O, industrial computers or touchscreen HMI systems.