November 2003 . Volume 2 . Issue 7
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Reduced Pricing for SeaLINK Family of Ethernet Serial Servers
The SeaLINK family of Ethernet serial servers is the easiest way to connect serial devices directly to an Ethernet network, even using legacy equipment never intended to be LAN/WAN compatible. Now, SeaLINK devices are more cost-effective than ever with just announced pricing offering up to 25% savings.

SeaLINK products use industry standard TCP/IP protocol allowing almost any host to access serial ports as easily as if the ports were PC cards physically installed in the host. SeaLINK devices use a 32-bit microprocessor engine for fast communication even on multiple ports simultaneously. RS-232, RS-422/485, and RS-232/422/485 versions are available and data rates up to 230K bps are supported. For more information and current pricing on SeaLINK Ethernet to serial servers please visit

New! Low Profile PCI Serial I/O Board with Optical Isolation and Multi-interface
Introducing the Ultra COMM+I.LPCI, Sealevel's first low profile, optically isolated serial I/O adapter capable of RS232/422/485 communications.

Isolation is important for eliminating ground loop problems commonly found in a variety of applications. Ground loops can cause latent failure or immediate destruction of serial cards and other system components. The Ultra COMM+I.LPCI eliminates spikes and surges associated with ground loops by interrupting the electrical connection with an optic link.

For maximum versatility, the Ultra COMM+I.LPCI, can be configured for RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 communications. In RS-485 mode, the board’s auto-enable hardware automatically handles the RS-485 driver enable allowing the RS-485 ports to be treated as standard serial ports by the operating system.

The Ultra COMM+I.LPCI , part number 7108, supports standard PC data rates up to 921.6K bps. The board includes the 16C850 UART, providing a 128-byte FIFO to allow datacom applications to run error free. A full array of enhanced UART options is also available, including the 16C950 UART, from Oxford Semiconductor, which features enhanced clocking. The Ultra COMM+I.LPCI also features a Universal Bus (3.3V and 5.0V) as required by PCISIG specifications 2.3. Visit the 7108 product page at

New! USB to RS-422 Converter
The SeaLINK+422 USB serial I/O adapter, part number 2106, provides a cost-effective USB to RS-422 serial conversion for USB connectivity to legacy or non-USB compliant devices. Simply connect the SeaLINK serial interface adapter to your USB port and the device is immediately recognized by the system as a standard COM port. Serial connection is made via a DB9M connector.

Sealevel offers a family of USB to serial products ranging from 1 to 8 ports. RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 are supported. For info on the SeaLINK USB advantages over other USB to serial implementations, click

Protect Serial Ports and Computer Systems with Surge Suppression
Protect your serial devices from damaging transients with the SS-DB9 and SS-DB25 surge suppressors. Both devices are user configurable for use with male or female ports and protect all 9 or 25 lines, plus D shell chassis. The SS-DB9 and SS-DB25 connect directly to the protected port, obtaining a ground outlet from the computer chassis. Surge suppression is accomplished using balanced arrays of high-speed avalanche diodes that divert excess energy created by electrostatic discharges, faulty wiring or lightning.

Surge suppressors offer inexpensive insurance against costly damage to your electronics and can be ordered directly from our website at and

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