November 2007 - Issue 6 Vol. 11

Previous trivia questions have been easy to answer with a quick Google search. This question will require a bit more digging. If you already know, then you’re definitely a Stones fan!

In 1994, the Rolling Stones released their Voodoo Lounge album. How did the album get its name?

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win Sealevel stuff.

What John Lennon song was placed on the inappropriate “graylist” by a radio media company after 9/11, but became a popular song of hope as it circulated the web choreographed with 9/11 images?



What happens if your
USB cable is accidentally
unplugged? We have
good news...

New Low Profile PCI Adapter Provides Versatile
Synchronous Serial Interface

Configure a single port for RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, RS-530, RS-530A, or V.35 communication protocols.
Z85230 Enhanced Serial Communications Controller (ESCC™)
Data rates to 128K bps
MD1 Low Profile and Universal Bus (3.3V
  and 5V) compatible
DB-25M connector
Versatile cabling options

SeaDAC USB Family Offers Wide Range of Digital I/O

Choose I/O options including Reed and Form C relays, optically isolated inputs, A/D and D/A functionality, and then interface via USB.
Highly retentive USB Type B connector prevents accidental cable disconnection
Rugged attractive plastic enclosure
Includes helpful diagnostic utilities and   sample programs
Available in extended temperature   versions

Tech Lowdown
Do I need to connect a ground line using RS-422, RS-485 communications?
The short answer is yes. Differential serial communications such as RS-422 and RS-485 use the ground as a reference. If there is no ground, the reference is basically floating. Electrically, it will work unless the floating reference causes the data line voltage to exceed the common mode range of the transmitter/receiver. If you have devices on different power circuits there is a high probability of ground differences that can lead to communication failures.

Touchscreen HMI – SeaPAC™ 15” 1.0GHz Series
Combine the power and flexibility of an industrial computer with bright TFT LCD touchscreen monitors
• SeaPAC-1200-15R (Item# S1200-15R)
• Bright TFT LCD with durable resistive touchscreen and IP65 rating
• Solid-state operation – no moving parts
• Local and remote I/O expansion options
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USB Digital I/O
Use USB to monitor and control 96 TTL channels
• SeaI/O-463U (Item# 463U)
• Four 50-pin industry standard solid-state relay rack connectors
• Communicate using industry standard Modbus TCP protocol or Sealevel’s SeaMAX API
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Ethernet Serial I/O
Connect RS-232 serial devices to your Ethernet network
• SeaLINK.232 (Item# 4101)
• Appears as virtual COM port to host system
• All modem control signals implemented for maximum compatibility with serial devices
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PC/104 RS-485 Serial Interface
Interface up to 16 separate RS-485 two-wire connections with a single PC/104 card.
• SIO-104+16.485 (Item# 3562)
• 16 two-wire RS-485 serial ports
• Automatically handles the RS-485 driver enable allowing RS-485 ports to appear as standard COM ports.
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USB Serial I/O
Install this single port embedded board for an additional RS-232 DB9 port
• SeaLINK+232.PC (Item# 2108)
• Mounts directly to a PC chassis
• Data rates to 460K bps
• USB powered
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