October 2002 . Volume 1 . Issue 9
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In This Issue:

New! SeaLINK Family of Ethernet Serial Servers

The SeaLINK family of serial servers is the easiest way to connect serial devices directly to an Ethernet network, even using legacy equipment never intended to be LAN/WAN compatible.

SeaLINK products use industry standard TCP/IP protocol allowing almost any host to access serial ports as easily as if the ports were PC cards physically installed in the host. Available now in eight and four-port models, RS-232, RS-422/485, and RS-232/422/485 versions are available. Offering maximum flexibility, the multi-interface version allows each port to be individually configured via software for the desired interface.

New Release of SeaMAC Synchronous Serial Driver Supports
Windows 2000 and Windows XP

Continuing Sealevel’s commitment to offering the best software support for our products, SeaMAC Version 4 synchronous serial driver is now available. This new release supports all popular protocols, including SDLC, Async, Bi-Sync, and Raw (Bit Shifter). Now implementing fast, error-free serial communication is easier than ever. Additionally, our included diagnostic applications such as loop-back tests, bit error rate testing (BERT) and throughput monitoring make installation and troubleshooting simple.

SeaMAC is compatible with our ACB-MP.PCI and ACB-232-LPCI PCI bus boards as well as the PC-ACB-MP PCMCIA synchronous adapter.

Eight-port USB Serial Products Now Available

In response to customer requests for higher density USB to Serial adapters, Sealevel has added three products to our popular SeaLINK-USB product line. SeaLINK-USB adapters provide a simple way to add serial ports to your desktop or notebook computer and is an ideal way to connect legacy devices. Simply install the provided software, connect to your USB port, and instantly add up to eight serial ports.

Choose from three eight-port models: RS-232 (P/N 2801); RS-422/485 (P/N 2802) and RS-232/422/485 (P/N 2803). Price for the 2801 is $399 in single piece quantity, and the four-port 2401 is $209.

Sealevel Application Notebook
Sealevel Products Part of Airport Security Systems

In response to the attacks of September 11th, the Aviation and Transportation Security Act transferred
responsibility for aviation security from the FAA to a new Transportation Security Administration (TSA) within the DOT. Amid concerns about checked baggage, the Act established deadlines for the screening of all checked baggage to insure that explosive detection systems are deployed at all U.S. airports in sufficient numbers to screen all checked baggage.

The company that was awarded the contract providing these detection systems to meet this requirement is using a Sealevel communication product in each of the systems. These detection systems are capable of continuously scanning over 500 bags per hour, so accuracy and reliability are crucial. Sealevel is proud that our excellent reputation for the highest quality hardware and software solutions resulted in our participation in this important project.

This Month’s Featured Third Party Software is:

Intellution’s iFIX is the world’s leading industrial automation software solution, providing process visualization, data acquisition and supervisory control of your plant floor operations. iFIX gives you the power and security to precisely monitor and control every aspect of your manufacturing process, as well as your equipment and resources, resulting in faster response to production issues, less waste, improved quality, faster time-to-market with new products, and increased profitability.

Sealevel makes implementing iFIX easy using one of our complete line of serial or digital I/O boards. View our Third Party Application Notes at www.sealevel.com for complete details on using iFIX and a variety of other third party products with Sealevel products.

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