October 2005 . Volume 4. Issue 4

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In This Issue:

Sealevel Systems Announces New SeaLINK 16-Port USB Serial Servers

Text Box:  Sealevel Systems, Inc. announces two additions to the popular SeaLINK USB product line, the SeaLINK+16/232 and the SeaLINK+16/485. Offering 16 independent serial ports, SeaLINK+16 devices are the perfect way to connect multiple peripherals such as barcode scanners, serial displays, and data acquisition modules to any USB port.

The serial ports on each SeaLINK+16 appear as standard COM ports to the host system enabling compatibility with legacy software. All Sealevel SeaLINK USB serial servers use a state machine architecture that greatly reduces the host computer’s overhead when communicating over multiple ports simultaneously. Data rates up to 921.6K bps are supported, and the SeaLINK+16/485 offers RS-232/485 selectivity through cabling. Two convenient USB 1.1 downstream connections are also provided to allow daisy chaining SeaLINK devices or interfacing standard USB peripherals.

For more information on Sealevel’s complete line of USB serial servers, please visit our website. (link: http://www.sealevel.com/products.asp?bus_id=5).

Now Available! New Eight-Port RS-485 PC/104 Module

Text Box:  Targeting serial intensive embedded applications, Sealevel Systems, Inc. has introduced the SIO-104+8.485, an eight-port PC/104 RS-485 module. Designed to meet the core needs of PC/104 applications requiring high reliability, small size, and long-term availability, this board is perfect for a wide variety of military and commercial applications.

The SIO-104+8.485 conforms strictly to PC/104 specifications and includes UARTs with 128-byte FIFOs for fast, error free communication up to 921.6K bps. To simplify RS-485 communication, the board automatically handles the RS-485 driver enable, allowing the RS­485 ports to be viewed by the operating system as standard COM ports. Interface is accomplished via dual 40-pin header connectors. Breakout cables and other helpful accessories are available.

For complete details on the new SIO-104+8.485, please click here (link: http://www.sealevel.com/product_detail.asp?product_id=937).

New M210 Analog / Digital Expansion Module

Sealevel has just introduced the M210 expansion module designed to provide a convenient method for connecting analog and digital I/O to Sealevel 3810 and 3820 PC/104 boards. The versatile M210 can be utilized to:

Text Box:

  • Connect up to eight industry standard 5B signal conditioning modules that allow a wide variety of analog input choices.
  • Monitor and control up to 16 solid-state relays mounted in an industry standard relay rack.
  • Interface up to two Sealevel eI/O modules , which snap together via convenient inline connectors.

The M210 can be powered from +5V from the PC/104 module, an external 5VDC input, or external 9-30VDC using an on-board regulator. The M210 and 3810/3820 PC/104 boards are perfect expansion options for Sealevel’s Relio family of solid-state embedded I/O servers.

M210 Application Example: Relio and M210 with Analog & Digital I/O

Be sure to check out the M210 Application Examples for more details on using this flexible expansion module. (link: http://www.sealevel.com/product_apps.asp?app_id=147 ).

Sealevel Application Notebook – Custom Isolation Board

A customer designing a new hazardous area computer system required all external connections to the host to be isolated in order to meet certification requirements. The single board computer used in the system provided the USB, RS-232, and RS-422 functionality needed by the customer, but these ports were not isolated. In a very short time frame, Sealevel designed a custom board that isolated these signals and routed them to the connectors mounted in the system enclosure via ribbon cables.

Customers with unique requirements rely on the experience and expertise of Sealevel engineering to provide custom, cost-effective solutions. For more information on this application and Sealevel’s custom capabilities, please visit our website.

Have a custom requirement but need help with the software?
Text Box:  Contact Teligy, one of Sealevel’s software partners, for assistance. Teligy specializes in custom device driver development and system level programming for communications and I/O hardware. Their team of development experts has years of direct experience developing custom software for Sealevel Systems' innovative I/O products. Teligy's expertise includes software development for synchronous and asynchronous communications as well as embedded systems programming on a variety of platforms.


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