October 2006 . Volume 6. Issue 10

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In This Issue:

Sealevel Systems, Inc. Announces SeaI/O High-Current Relay and Optically Isolated Input Module

We’ve expanded the popular SeaI/O family of data acquisition devices with the introduction of the new SeaI/O-520 digital I/O module. Offering a powerful combination of high-current Form C relay outputs and optically isolated inputs, SeaI/O-520 modules are perfect for a wide variety of applications including process control, facility management, security, and broadcast automation.

The SeaI/O-520 provides eight SPDT high-current Form C relays that can directly switch 6A loads at 250VAC and 100VDC. Additionally, eight non-polarized inputs can monitor 5-30VDC and provide optical isolation to protect the host computer and other sensitive equipment from voltage transients and ground loops that are common in industrial environments.

Ordering options allow connection to a host device via wireless Ethernet (802.11b/g), wired Ethernet, RS-485, USB, or RS-232. The wired Ethernet module is Modbus TCP compliant while all other SeaI/O modules are Modbus RTU compliant. Status LEDs are included to indicate communication, power, and fault conditions. Field removable terminal blocks are standard, enabling fast, versatile field wiring. SeaI/O modules operate from 9-30VDC, and are powered via terminal block or DC jack. Both table mount and DIN rail mounting options are available, and installation is made easy using Sealevel’s software configuration tools.

Call today or visit the SeaI/O-520 webpage for more information.

New! Eight Port RJ45 USB Serial Adapters

Sealevel Systems, Inc. has introduced two new additions to the SeaLINK USB to serial product line, the SeaLINK+8/232.RJ and the SeaLINK+8.VC. Offering eight independent serial ports, SeaLINK+8 devices are ideal for connecting multiple peripherals such as barcode scanners, serial displays, and data acquisition modules to any USB port. SeaLINK+8 products are housed in attractive plastic enclosures and include a high-retention USB type “B” connector that prevents accidental disconnection of the USB cable. Both models are USB bus powered, so no external power supply is needed. For conveniently powering serial peripherals, ordering options allow an external power source to be connected to a DC jack on the rear of the unit. The supplied power is fused and connected to pin 5 on each of the eight RJ45 connectors.

The serial ports on each SeaLINK+8 appear as standard COM ports to the host system enabling compatibility with legacy software. All Sealevel SeaLINK USB serial adapters use a state-machine architecture that greatly reduces the host computer’s overhead when communicating over multiple ports simultaneously. Data rates up to 921.6K bps are supported, and the SeaLINK+8.VC offers RS-232/485 selectivity through cabling using Sealevel’s innovative VersaCom design. Simply select the appropriate pin out for RS-232 or two-wire RS-485 on each individual port.

Please visit the 2804 and 2807 webpages for more information.

VersaCom Design Allows RS-232/485 Selectivity Without Jumpers or Switches

With our exclusive VersaCom multi-interface connector design, both RS-232 and RS-485 signals are always present and active on the RJ45 serial connectors. Simply select the appropriate pin out for RS-232 or RS-485 on each individual port. There is never a need to open the enclosure to set internal jumpers or switches, so field installation and service are easy. Status LEDs display transmit and receive data activity and assist in troubleshooting.

The VersaCom connector is available on two Sealevel USB to serial adapters, the new 8-port model (Item# 2807) and our popular 16-port adapter (Item# 2167). Look for VersaCom on a number of forthcoming products.

To further simplify connecting to VersaCom RJ45 connectors, Sealevel offers a number of adapters that can easily connect to serial ports on virtually any computer, PLC, or peripheral regardless of the serial connector type or gender. For more information please browse our full line of adapters and converters.

New Product Literature Available!

We’ve just released all new product brochures for our SeaI/O and SeaPAC product lines. The award-winning SeaI/O family of data acquisition solutions now offers even more connectivity and I/O options. SeaPAC flat panel touchscreen computers offer modular I/O expansion using SeaI/O modules. SeaPAC solutions are designed to operate over a wide temperature range without fans or other moving parts for ultimate reliability, and are available with bright, AMTFT LCDs ranging in size from 6.4” to 17”.


The redesigned SeaI/O Product Brochure includes:

  • All new SeaI/O modules
  • Updated product photos
  • Individual product descriptions
  • Application examples

Text Box:  The new SeaPAC Product Brochure describes:

  • Detailed SeaPAC features
  • Available touchscreen options
  • Complete SeaI/O expansion options
  • Application examples

Call for your brochure today or download a digital copy
now by clicking on the image.

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